Vegan Kitchen Tools: Air Fryers Review

Air Fryers are a healthy alternative but are they vegan friendly? Vegan Kitchen Tools are essential to being successful in this way of life. Air Fryers are very vegan friendly especially e if you have vegan recipes!
My daughter gifted us a small air fryer that is perfect for my husband and I. I made onion rings the first night and it was love at first bite. The air fryer she sent us was from Target and on sale for $40.00 and she got free shipping.

Vegan Kitchen Tools: Dash air fryer review
Brand: Dash
Dash 900W 1.2 L Compact Air Fryer

Easy clean up: The basket comes out easily for washing.
Instructions booklet and recipe book:
There is an instruction book that comes with this model and they instructions for operations are clear and easy to follow. Also included with this model is a recipe book and the onion rings are great!

I love that this is small and does not take up much room on our counter. It also has a dial for a timer and to set the temperature. In this digital age I rather like something I can control and not be at the mercy of a button that programs it self and something goes wrong.

 onion rings made in Dash air fryer


  • It works fine and there was a bit of a learning curve as I followed the recipe to the letter that was included in this book.
  • I burnt the first batch of onion rings but then decided they were underestimating their wonderfulness and put in a basket of onion rings instead of just the amount they recommended.
  • That batch was perfect and reduced my time in the kitchen.
  • We love our air fryer gift thinking it qualifies among our favorite vegan kitchen tools so we invested in a larger one.

    Go Wise Air Fryer review

    5.8 Qt. 8-in-1 Plum Electric Air Fryer

  • The ‘alarm’ button makes it easy to ensure even cooking.
  • Cook enough for your family in this large capacity air fryer
  • 8 built-in smart programs including Fries, Pork, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak, Fish, and Pizza.
  • $ 79 06 ordered from Home Depot on line and got free shipping.

    It comes in the color of plum just like the color of my kitchen!
    Large capacity, Folks, I can even bake a cake in this thing!
    Works great and this one approaches cooking in a digital format.


    Touching the power button and then selecting the menu icon makes this a completely digital experience. We fixed some frozen curly fries so i selected the fries from the icon section and it programmed itself on time and temperature.
    I may like dials and control but there are times I love not being required to think.
    I just left it to do its thing and knew if it burnt the fries then I was completely guilt free as I had nothing to do with it.

    Temperature and Timer:

    I made quinoa burgers last night. I by passed the menu selection and just programmed this for the correct time and temperature and it took over to give me deliciously cooked burgers.


    It is large but I like that. It does take up more counter space then the smaller one but I chose the color of Plum so I don’t mind a bit coming out and seeing my lovely air fryer waiting to be used.

    Ease of Use

    Easy clean up. The basket comes out easily and by sliding the button on the handle then I can remove the basket from the outer core. Both are easy to clean and put back together.

    Good instructions and recipe book:
    I love the clear instruction manual and the recipe book that comes with this model.


    Your choice of air fryers should be made on how often you think you will use it, how much storage space you have and how many people are in your family. Both of these products will work according to the size needed.

    I am personally using both as I cooked our fries in the small one last night while the larger one air fry our burgers. Together they reduced my kitchen slave time and I am all about that! Above all another important feature for this vegan kitchen tool is that it reduces the use of the stove and oven. That is a great help in the summer to reduce over heating the house.

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