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Aquafaba Magic That Comes From Beans

Aquafaba magic came into my life in December when I was reading about alternatives to egg whites in baking. Garbanzo bean water a.k.a. chick pea water is my latest discovery in making my vegan life style even more enjoyable.
Today I am sharing a great cookbook by Rebecca Coleman. It is one I have as a review cookbook on my shelf in exchange for my honest opinion.

100+ egg free vegan recipes using aquafaba

Aquafabulous! 100+ Egg-Free Vegan Recipes Using Aquafaba

If you are new to the vegan lifestyle then I suggest that this should be one of the books to invest in because it is going to bring the magic of aquafaba into your life. Or if you are a veteran to t veganism then this too will be a welcome cookbook for your shelf.

True Story
This book is a personal favorite of mine because it made me the star of our family gathering. We are always assigned to bring a salad. My husband insists on the boring normal salads with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and the ordinary stuff you find in your run of the mill salads. Trust me, no one asks you for your recipe for your salad.

The last family gathering we were told to bring what ever we wanted. Yes! I grabbed this book to impress and never be assigned a salad again.

Aquafabulous Magic
Author:Rebecca Coleman
Photo copyright: Tango Photography
Printed with permission from Robert Rose Inc.

I chose the Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Icing from this book and every one loved it and could not believe that it was vegan. The cake was a hit!

I have cooked a lot from this book. Those foods I thought I would never eat again as a vegan are now back on my table even better than the non vegan food we once ate. There is a whole lot more than just desserts in this book. Breakfast, snacks & appetizers, salads, sides, mains, baked goods and desserts recipes are all in this book.
100+ Egg free vegan recipes using aquababa

It is lovely to have a cookbook on my shelf that I can pull to prepare a whole meal and know it will come out tasting great. This is one of the books i attribute to helping us stay on our vegan path.


There is a good introductory in this book discussing chick pea water, how to use the book and suggestions for things to stock in your vegan pantry. The recipes are easy to follow and complete as some recipes go with others.

This is one of the books I own that brought me from the overwhelmed, ‘Can I really live without butter and cheese?’ human beings to a confident vegan cook delivering fun great tasting meals to my family that are just as excited to eat our meals as I am to cook them.

If you would like to try some recipes from the book before you purchase then here are two that are yummy:
Coconut French Toast
S’mores Cups

Rebecca Coleman has a blog with other great recipes posted to add to your recipe collection.

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