Author: Grace

Grace Hodgin resides on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with her husband. Creativity is a lifestyle in Grace's world and is a persistent believer in the phrase, " I can make that!" Living in the forest, Grace and her husband enjoy sustainable living and are tree guardians and protectors of the wild life in their area. Grace is the mother of two creative children and the grandmother to 3 magical grand kids who can make a smile appear on anyone's face in a matter of moments.

The Magic of Trees

The magic of trees

there is an old deep magic in these woods which has seeped into my bones becoming one with roots that form the lines of all that holds in this stillness. Jon Nakapalau The two room cabin sits in the shade…

Good Mood Gadget

good mood gadget

The ‘Good Mood Gadget’ is modeled after those Cootie Catchers we use to make as children. These give the goal as an affirmation and also the action steps. Positive thoughts are just as easy to tune into as bad thoughts.…

Grandparent Branding: 5 Ways To Make Your Mark

grandparent branding

Grandparent branding may not be a common word in our language, but if you think of it, every grandparent should think about branding themselves in the minds of their grandchildren. Unlike “branding” livestock in the old west, grandparent brandings are…

Fayetteville North Carolina: Vegan Treasure Find

Fayetteville North Carolina

Fayetteville North Carolina hosted our annual girlfriend weekend. Southern hospitality is always on my list of preferences when traveling. This city, however, offers so much more than the welcoming attitude I experience in all southern states. Vegan food is plentiful…

Nutritional Yeast Health Benefits

Vegan Substitute for Grated Cheese

Nutritional Yeast Nutritional yeast health benefits are numerous. It is an ingredient I use often in my vegan recipes. To be honest, I was not familiar with it before becoming a vegan. Now I make sure I always have some…

Vegan Butter Recipe

How to make vegan butter

Vegan butter recipes are numerous and I have tried a few. I don’t feel the need to create my own. Nor do I feel a need to tweak this one. This vegan butter recipe comes out perfect each time I…