Author: Grace

Grace Hodgin resides on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with her husband. Creativity is a lifestyle in Grace's world and is a persistent believer in the phrase, " I can make that!" Living in the forest, Grace and her husband enjoy sustainable living and are tree guardians and protectors of the wild life in their area. Grace is the mother of two creative children and the grandmother to 3 magical grand kids who can make a smile appear on anyone's face in a matter of moments.

The Open Window: A Story About Rescue.

Rescuing feral cats has it rewards and mayhem stories. Here is the beginning of our story.

Open Window: The Observation Dawn peeps through the open window of our home. Two cats sit at the kitchen window as the other cat slumbers peacefully beside me on the couch. Calm resides now in our two room cottage amidst…

Kitchen Appliance Repairs Versus Buying New

Deciding to repair or buy new

Appliance Repairs Versus Buying New Kitchen Appliance repairs versus buying new often is solved by purchasing from a reputable company. When the machine starts out being quality then frequent repairs are not necessary. At one point even the best built…

Frozen Breaded Cauliflower 7 Easy Steps

Breading cauliflower tutorial

Frozen Breaded Cauliflower Frozen breaded cauliflower can be made a head of time following these seven easy steps with three ingredients. I keep them in the freezer until needed. Using this technique keeps the cauliflower from clumping together so it…

Bun Snood Crochet Thread DIY Project

Free and easy bun snood crochet pattern

Bun Snood DIY Project I think it is noteworthy to mention about my bun snood pattern that though I do not consider myself a crochet designer and pattern writer, in spite of that, I have created several snoods from this…