Auvon TENS Unit: Helping Manage Pain Rather Than Living With It

We use an Auvon TENS unit at our house and I want to share it with my readers. I find this product to be quality built, priced fairly and something I think any house may need. This product was given to me in exchange for my honest review. After using the TENS unit both my husband and I feel we can highly recommend them as a company that produces a quality and effective product.

Auvon TENS unit

I began researching TENS units as pain and inflammation began to occur in our bodies. TENS stands for a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. They are very effective in reducing pain and inflammation; even those deep within muscle fibers.

They are pretty amazing how they work as they send electrical pulses through your skin. These pulses triggers a natural pain killer by your body. Endorphins and other substances begin producing which stops pain signals to the brain.

These units help with a variety of pains we suffer from in everyday life. Often, some pain we just consider something we need to live with. Aging or previous injuries often produce nagging or chronic pain. We know by using this TENS unit from Auvon that living with those pains are now a thing of the past.

My husband suffers from arthritis in his hands. He uses his hands a lot as a potter, at home mechanic and general all around handyman.
I gave him this TENS Unit to use and he finds his pain soon disappears and does not come back the next day.
The instructions that come with the unit are easy to understand and the device is easy to use.
TENS units are widely accepted and recommended by a number of professionals. It is not painful and is somewhat relaxing. My husband says this about the unit we received to review:
“This unit has a nice range of intervals from mild to strong stimulation. The pads work well and clean up well. I believe this unit will have longevity and is well worth the purchase price of $39.99”
TENS unit
I have been reading about TENS machines and find they are effective for:

Types of Pain To Find Relief With A TENS Unit.

Back Pain
Muscle Pain
Chronic Pain

As always it is best to check with your doctor before using a TENS unit and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics has a great page that discusses how TENS units may work for you.

I much prefer using a TENS unit than reaching for a bottle of aspirins, what about you?
Investing in a quality TENS Unit is easy by going to Auvon’s Amazon store Auvon also sells a wonderful night light that I recommend.

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