Best Vegetable Prices Marion Market

Vegan Journey for Best Vegetable Prices

Best vegetable prices are a must when my menu planning involves only fruits, vegetables and nuts. I am fortunate to be living close to a flea/ farmers market and the farmers that come in to sell their produce always beat store prices.

I pick up my staples at a natural food store or on line but when it comes to veggies, fruits and nuts then the Market of Marion is my first stop.
Best Vegetable Prices

Traveling to the destination is always enjoyable and I have to remind my self, that like life, this journey is not just about the destination but the enjoyment of the trip.

First we travel through the outside markets before arriving inside. This particular booth taught me some marketing skills

Man trap filled with tools

To an organized individual this looks like a disaster just begging for my logical methods of grouping and arranging. In essence this is a ‘man magnet’. This booth beckons all men with the inaudible whisper of “Come and find a bargain in this mess as surely if it was expensive then it would be organized’.

I knew in seconds I was right when I saw my husband heed the call to search through this colossal mess.

messy table lures my husband

He did find a treasure as I knew he would.

Finally we arrive at the desired location of the Farmers Market booths.

stalls at the market of marion

Here there are deals to be found but first it is important to go to each booth and see what they have and their prices.

Best Vegetable Prices

    Limes: 7 for $1.00
    Red Bell Peppers 6 for $1.00
    Snow Peas: $1:00
    Bean Sprouts: $1:00
    Tomatoes 5 for $2.00
    Ruby red navel oranges 5lbs for $7.00
    Star Fruit 4 for $1.00

    Nuts are our favorite

    Best place to get nuts at the market of marion

    There are two stalls that sell nuts however this stand has the most variety and best prices. I bought 1/2 pound of unsalted cashews for $4.50 and the taste of these cashews were fresh and filled with flavor. After filling my jar I ate the generous hand full left over and and paired it with blackberries and a star fruit.

    Fruit of the week

    My friend Barb and I were talking about fruit. She told a story of how her grandmother introduced her to different fruits. One of the fruits was the carambola or star fruit.

    star fruit

    As a result of that conversation I decided to pick some up as my fruit of the week discovery. I had eaten them before but it was from a grocery store and the flavor was not impressive. Those at the farmers market were wonderful and when my grandson comes for his November visit then I will take him to the Market of Marion and we will pick out some fruit he has never tried to widen his horizons and knowledge of fruit.

    I still watch the grocery adds for sales and coupons but as a
    result of having a flea/farmers market close by then it is always my first pick for best vegetable prices while finding the produce and nuts that are fresh and in season.

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2 thoughts on “Best Vegetable Prices Marion Market

  1. You inspired me to get that. I had tried them before from the groceries but was not impressed. When I saw those I thought of you and decided to try them again. They are great.

  2. I so love that carambola is the fruit of the week! That one looks awfully nummy! Truly need to take a trip to your flea market. Would love to shop it with you sometime, looks like a lovely place with some awesome deals!

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