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Blessed Elements is all about loosing my purpose and finding my song again in the forest. As I see a need in my life I represent that here on this site.
This blog represents many things and has throughout the years. Importantly the message is clear that we all are an element in life that adds blessings to ourselves and those around us.
I listen to friends, family and my inner self as we meet challenges. Expressing those concerns and writing about tips and techniques is always the main focus here on Blessed Elements.
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Blessed Elements & Grandparenting

Life isn’t over when the grandkids grow up. As a result in new changes in their lives it means we need to revamp our grandparenting skills. We are very important as grandparents and we need to focus on that. Discouragement grows when we no longer connect with our grandchildren.
Grand-parenting is an important topic for me and always has been. I actually began the blog over 15 years ago in that direction. It is time to get back to my original roots and focus on the importance of being a grandparent and connecting with grandchildren. More importantly it is time to celebrate our age and learn new technology to keep up with those grand kids. Old dogs can learn new tricks and we need to wow those grand kids with the things we can learn and connect with them.

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I share my crafts for kids on Ruralmom. Alternatively, I DIY projects for my crafty readers in my Creative Vibe section on my site. In my Research shows that as adults crafting is also important for adults and particularly senior citizens. I hear the argument from people that swear they are not creative. Everyone is creative so it is time to realize the artist in each of us. I have a whole section devoted to fun things listed on my Creative Vibe menu. Truly, crafting is a part of everything I do from grand parenting, traveling, cooking here in the forest. Sometimes they overlap so you will find links to crafts in each section on this site. I share my adult crafts on my site under the creative vibe menu.

Positive Thinking

Fifteen years ago I began a path to where I am now. Positive thinking can be tough to get started and I remember all the pitfalls. Combining the pitfalls and successes helped me to create a positive life and influence others. I freely share my journey and the people I met along the way that keeps my life just getting better.

Blessed Elements and finding in when traveling

Blessed Elements and Traveling

Even though I am a home body I do travel and write for online magazines and share my feelings about the places I visit. Home is where my heart is though and I do write about local places to visit close to my home in the forest. Traveling inspires my inner artist and give me ideas to make, cook and create.


I use to joke that I had a love hate relationship with my oven. I actually got rid of my oven on our remodel and went with Oster French Convection Countertop and Toaster Oven that sits on a 4 tier self unit in my kitchen. As a result of my husband having a heart attack we switched to plant base diet. Creativity is now in the kitchen besides my craft room. I remember the feeling of being so overwhelmed and starting on a whole new journey with ingredients I had never heard of an products that were alien to me. For a few years that was my main focus on the blog and I hope some found help along their journey too.

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2 thoughts on “Blessed Elements: Where Life Sings In The Forest

  1. Heidi, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. I think my change of mind came about cooking is when I decided to add my own touches and make them flavorful instead of just sticking with a standard recipe.

  2. I love reading about you, and I am currently in a love hate with cooking. I am working on learning more so that I will enjoy it more.

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