BlessedElements: A New Look on Life & A New Vegan Journey.

BlessedElements: A New Look on Life & A New Vegan Journey
I dropped out of blogging for a while.    Other creative avenues and interests called to me.  Lots have happened since you last visited me.


The grand kids have grown and are young adults and teens. 
My husband suffered a heart attack and with that major eye opening event led to the decision to change our eating habits and now eat vegan meals.  That in it self is an adventure and you are welcome to follow along as we tackle life with out butter and cheese which seems to bother me more than it does my husband.


I plan on sharing this journey honestly and realistically.  Certainly there will be a lot of trial and errors along with our victories and jubilation.  Honesty is the only way I plan on approaching this bog journey.There are still a lot of unanswered questions that I am searching to find the answers on about this vegan journey.

Saving Grace

Books about vegan food and recipes published by Robert Rose were invaluable to me. The resources were already available from books once reviewed for this company. Instead of researching to find meals that would work I had dependable recipes to lean on because I knew from experience they recipe would be great and easy to fix.
Vegan recipes were not alien to me. I primarily ate vegetarian although my husband preferred meat. The transition was made easier by these cookbooks.

End Result

There is bound to be a lot of stories to share that are humorous. Anyone watching my husband cook can validate that. Feel free to share your stories and together we will  turn an event that could have bee tragic into to a magical experience that can change our lives for the better.

grace and her husband

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