Bun Snood Crochet Thread DIY Project

Bun Snood DIY Project

I think it is noteworthy to mention about my bun snood pattern that though I do not consider myself a crochet designer and pattern writer, in spite of that, I have created several snoods from this same pattern quickly and successfully.
Easy and Quick to Crochet Bun Snood
As a result, this bun snood is just one of my favorite DIY projects to make and use up my scrap crochet thread. As far as its functionality, it has saved me many times on those days I did not feel like putting a lot of energy into a hair style but still needed to look like I put some forth some effort and thought in my appearance.

Free DIY Crochet Bun Snood pattern


Crochet thread size 10 (any color)
Steel hook size 10
Pattern (written below)

    The stitches required are:
    US pattern crochet stitches
    single crochet: sc
    double crochet:dc
    double triple crochet: dtc


Row 1. Ch 5, join to form ring, ch3 and work 9 dc in ring.

Row 2. *Ch7, sc in next dc, repeat from * all around ending row with ch2, dtr in
same space as beginning(this brings the thread in position for next row.

Row 3. Ch 3, 1 dc, ch 3, 2 dc in same sp, *in next loop 2 dc ch 3 2 dc (shell
made),repeat around from *

Row 4. Repeat row 3

Row 5. *Ch 5, sc in center of shell, ch 5, sc between shells, repeat from * all
around ending row with ch 2, dc in same space as beginning.

Row 6. ch 5, sc in next loop, repeat from * all around ending row with ch2, dc in

Row 7. Repeat row 3

Row 8. Repeat row 5

Row 9&10 Repeat row 6

Row 11. Ch 6 dc in same space, ch3 sc in next loop, ch3 1 dc, ch3 in next loop.
repeat * all around ending with ch 3 sc in next loop. Ch 3 and join in 3rd
st of chain.

Row 12. Sl st into loop, ch 3 2 dc in same sp, *ch 4 sc in next sc, ch 4, skip 1
loop, 3 dc in next loop and repeat from * all around ending row
with ch 4 sc in next sc, ch 4 join.

Row 13. Repeat row 3

Row 14. *Ch 3 skip shell sc in loop and repeat around.

Row 15. sc in each st around join by slip stitch.
Cut thread and weave ends into piece.

Side Note:

In addition, this snood comes in handy even when I am in a fashion mood and my hair is not. Consequently, there are just some days when my hair says, “Enough with the primping, this is going to be a ‘Bad Hair Day’ because I am not going to cooperate!” As a result to that situation, this snood becomes my new best friend and I can still look like I gave my hair style a little thought before beginning my day.

Therefore, I just put my hair into a pony tail, wrap it around and put the bun snood on top of my top knot, pin it in place with bobby pins and set off to run errands or attend meetings. This bun snood will fit on a bun form but it is a little snug. Hence if you want a fuller looking top knot and plan on using a bun form then you will probably want to add some stitches in the beginning of the foundation rows to add width.
free crochet bun snood pattern on blessed elements
Enjoy and if you make the pattern then tweet a photo of your bun snood to me @newbluejuju. ( I have no problem if you make them to sell but do please give me credit as the pattern writer instead of claiming it for yourself also including a link to this page if you share with friends will always be appreciated)

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