04/04 Busy Weeks Vegan Recipes

Busy weeks come too often and yet cooking still needs to be done and I still try and make them interesting. I always keep in mind to make somethings where I will have left overs for the weekends to give me a break.

Busy Weeks Planning Ahead

Busy weeks are stressful because I am still the head cook and bottle washer regardless of my schedule. Planning ahead on busy weeks are a life saver. It saves me from two dilemmas of being on the way home and thinking what I will fix and starting a recipe and discovering I do not have the ingredients.

Monday happens on Sunday

I am always home on Sunday so I have time to plan and even prepare some foods.
Sunday I am making the black bean pie and putting it in the fridge and I will prepare my cauliflower for my General Tso night extravaganza. *
I usually serve fruit with my meals and make a few desserts to ration through out the week for meals.

    busy weeks vegan meals

  • Monday

  • busy weeks menue itemBlack bean pie is good regardless of the visual that may be occurring in your mind right now. It can also be a comfort food by adding mash potatoes and a side dish. Make extra black beans and keep them whole and make Tuesday’s meal a lot faster to prepare

  • Tuesday

  • Vegan fast simple recipes that take minutes to cookVegan Nacho is a Mexican style meal. Add a salad and you have a light meal that is filling. You can add a side of corn or some broccoli for a colorful healthy plate.

  • Wednesday

  • busy weeks vegan recipesSpaghetti is a favorite for Wednesday nights here. Serve it with a salad and your favorite bread. Serve peas and fruit for side dishes and you are ready to go.

  • Thursday

  • oriental dish with breaded cauliflowerIt is General Tso night and we are eating vegan Chinese! I prepare mine a head and always have some in the freezer. Put your cauliflower in the air fryer at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Mean while make your choice of rice, Steam some frozen wok veggies (tiny corn cobs, water chestnuts, broccoli, snow peas and red peppers) and grab a bottle of General Tso sauce and pour over the cauliflower in a bowl and serve over rice and the steam veggies.

  • Friday- Fend For Your Self Night

    It is left over night and I always make sure I make extra to give me nights off in the kitchen.

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