Cheese & Ice Cream Vegan Recipes

Cheese & Ice Cream for Vegans?

Cheese & Ice Cream are often considered a comfort food by most. I did not know cheese & ice cream was even possible to make without milk so we just considered it was a food we would no longer purchase.

Vegan Cheese & Ice Cream

Cheese & Ice Cream Is Possible for Vegans!

Marie Laforet has taught me so much about how this is very
Here are some of the things I’ve learned besides how to make Cheese & Ice Cream Recipes at home from my review copy of The Best Homemade Vegan Cheese & Ice Cream Recipes by Marie Laforet.

Cheese & Ice Cream Vegan Products Needed

  1. Soy Milk is the only plant-based milk that can curdle.
  2. Legumes are often used in cheeses because of their different textures.
  3. Nuts & Seeds can also be used. That made sense to me because I love a cashew sauce I make because of the similar taste to cheese.

One of the things I love about this book is that I already have the ingredients on hand and I’ve only been a vegan for a couple of months. Same with the equipment. If you use to make home made ice cream then hang on to your ice cream maker because you
will still be using it for vegan ice cream.

A point made in the book that I am really embracing is this:

“It is best to treat these vegan cheeses as different varieties of cheese rather than as imitations to be compared with the originals.”

That is a great mind set to have when creating anything as it is mindful to consider yourself an explorer than a copy cat, yes?

This book contains:
8 soft cheese recipes
8 fermented cheese recipes
9 specialty recipes
9 ice cream and sorbet recipes
8 ice pops, bars and cones.
8 frozen desserts
1 recipe for home made cones.

I am super excited about this book because I am making some home made cheeses this year for holiday gifts and I know my friends are going to love them.

9 Replies to “Cheese & Ice Cream Vegan Recipes”

    • Grace Post author

      I think the key is not to expect it to taste like an imitation of the ice cream and cheese one is use to eating but experience it as a new flavor.

  1. Barb Webb

    I’d really like to check this out for the ice cream recipes. Have been working on cutting down dairy in my diet and ice cream is a treat I like, but doesn’t necessarily like me back lol Would be good to find some plant-based swaps!

  2. valmg

    I do love my dairy. I know three different people that can’t have dairy so these recipes would be a good alternative to let them have foods they’re missing.

    • Grace Post author

      I do understand the love of dairy as I once said the same thing. I am enjoying my vegan journey and can honestly say that I don’t miss it anymore.

  3. lanhamcreations

    Not vegan, but recently gave up cheese because I think my daughter is allergic to dairy! So exciting that there are some alternatives. I will definitely be checking this out!

  4. A Nation of Moms

    This sounds like it has a lot of great recipes. Vegan meals can be a challenge especially if you are cooking for someone else, and this would be a great resource.


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