Cinco de Mayo Food: 7 Vegan Recipes

Cinco de Mayo Food is festive. 7 favorite recipes are listed at the bottom. Before celebrating a holiday shouldn’t we really know the history and the food we should serve?

Cinco de Mayo is here. Are you ready to celebrate this year? I have to admit that in the past the holiday has come and found me unprepared for the celebration. This year, I am ready. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that merges into our own culture without most of us understanding the ramifications of this event in history. The origins of this holiday are sometimes watered down with the excuse to celebrate. Most will tell you that the day represents “Where the Mexicans won a war, or something like that.” That is the common reply I hear when asking people why they are celebrating the day.

Cinco de Mayo History

It is a day of celebration of a victory of a battle. The significance is so much more and probably why it resonates with the American people. As a nation, we are famous for backing the underdog. So when the underdog wins over the odds then it strikes a chord within our very spirit. Several choose to use the holiday to party or meet with other friends over a frozen margarita but the history of Cinco de Mayo was far from being a party.

The war started between France and Mexico on May 5th of 1862. The reasoning for the war, as with most in history, was over money. Mexican President Benito Juarez suspended foreign payment in 1861 for two years because their national debt was crippling the country. French Emperor Napoleon III did not agree and sent forces to invade Mexico.
May 5th of 1862 is a high light of that invasion as Mexico fought and won in the town of Puebla. Out numbered two to one, the Mexican forces held their town and created national pride and the morale of its people. Mexico City was in the hands of the french where Maximilian of Habsburg, Archduke of Austria installed him as Emperor of Mexico.

United States Involvement in the Mexican War

Recognizing Juarez as the true ruler, our country was not able to offer aid as the Civil War was raging. President Lincoln also did not want to agitate the french in fear they would give aid to the south. As our war ended President Benito Juarez’s hold was becoming stronger. Maximilan’s hold on the country was becoming weaker as Napoleon III withdrew. The Austrian government did not send reinforcements troops to replace the french troops. A threat of war from the United States, if they did become involved, was the contributing factor for their decision. Maximilian’s rule soon came to an end.

The Message of Hope Still Lingers

Cinco de Mayo and the message it holds reminds us that we can prevail against all odds; with no hope from outside our circumstances. It is a reminder that under dogs do win and encourages us to fight our own battles with hope and by focusing on the end result of what we want to accomplish instead of looking at our present situation.
Cinco de Mayo is not passing me by this year. I am already preparing for the Holiday of Hope and have some fun recipes to share with you.
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Cinco de Mayo Food : 7 Vegan Recipes

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  1. Great ideas! The street corn is my favorite! I’m the only one in my family that will eat it, so I don’t make it often, but it’s such a treat to have it!

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