Creative Denial: 5 Tips To Get Over Yourself and Start Being Creative

 Creative denial is something that plagues a lot of people. If you have ever said “I am not creative.”, then guess what? You are suffering from denial!

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The only reason you feel you are not creative is because you have an over estimated view of creativity. In truth, Everyone can create but most are in denial.

Most have images of being in the field of arts when considering creativity. Dictionaries often define the meaning in three ways:

Having the ability or power to create.
Productive; creating.
Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative:
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Not one word is mentioned about being an outstanding master in art, trade or a particular skill. Everyone is an original individual who express themselves in the way they talk, walk, dress and even cook. If you day dream then you have an imagination as well. Can we for the sake of argument then agree that everyone is creative?

We are all creators. Having the power to create is easily fulfilled by making a breakfast lunch or supper. Just because you have never developed your own personal recipe does not put you in the unimaginative mold. If you are cooking then you are creating. If you are cleaning then your creating a clean environment. We all have the power to create. Don’t get hung up on the word ‘original’ either as most of us have our own way of doing things and it comes so naturally that we are not even aware of it. Originality grows from expressing and practicing our passions.

Becoming recognized for an original, expressive or an imaginative project is not required for joining the ranks of creators. You have the right to acknowledge your are creative even if you have never had an idea published, received accolades or shown one single project to another human being. Creativity is just a pursued interest that makes you happy or you find value in by doing it. If you feel ‘creative’ means talented then your mistaken. So embrace your creative side with the following steps.

The first step to embrace your creative side:

  1. Quit telling people you’re not creative!
  2. Find what makes you happy and do it for yourself. Do not worry about finding something that will yield profit or compare yourself to someone else. Most people have to work at excellence.
  3. “What If?” is a wonderful phrase that will fertilize creative thoughts. Try using it often.
    Person asking the question "What If?"

      I used that thought one day when I said, “What if I had several small gifts stashed away to use as things to give on the spur of the moment?” I decided folk art angels would appeal to several of my girl friends so began exploring, looking at and researching folk art angels. Soon I came up with my own patterns which transpired into larger fork art angels.
      What if there was a correct way to stuff a Christmas stocking? Why do stockings need to come once a year?
      What if there were Birthday Stockings?

    Those creative ideas all began from the question of “What If?”

  4. Accept compliments. When someone says, “That is so cute and how creative!” Say thank you without excuses, making jokes at your own expense or denying it.
  5. Accepting compliments helps keep you in the creative zone

  6. Reject denial, shut off that inner critic and those that don’t support you in your vision and embrace your creative side.

Looking back at my life I admit that those projects that I never attempted were ones I was afraid I would fail at and I did because I never tried. It was when I decided to give things a try that I started seeing I was creative and I could create things I enjoyed without worrying if others thought I was creative.
Be a creative hero and find your passion
What is your passion and how will you turn it into a creative moment for yourself?

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