Creative Projects & Reviews

Creative projects are not limited to just arts and crafts. Cooking is certainly a creative accomplishment. Cookbooks, tools and products are all a part of helping us be creative. Small creative projects are fun and quick but sometimes those involved projects help give us a sense of pride. True that some projects take learning a technique, such as crochet, but once mastered it is a great skill to know. Also those skills can easily help cut costs by making them yourself.
Embroidery and macrame are a few others that are useful in learning so unique gifts can be made and given.

I am adding easy short projects as well as skill based on the site for easy reference. I also am including links to crafts I have made for other sites marked off site.

Creative Projects

Creative Projects

Crafts and DIY Projects
Button Earrings
Bun Snood
Macrame Blue Jean Hem
DIY Tofu Press
Macrame Hair Accessory
Reversible Denim Feather Hair accessory
Eithched Mirrors Off Site
Owl Orange Pomander


Cook books

Vegan Meal Planning & Prepping
The Magic of Aquafaba
Affordable Vegan Recipes
Instapot Recipes (also includes meat recipes)
Indian Recipes
Vegan Cheese & Icecream Recipes
Beans, Lentils & Tofu Recipes
350 Vegan Recipes
Vegan Air Fryer Recipes
Vegan Cook’s Bible
Holiday Vegan Recipes
Raw Food Recipes

Kitchen Tools And Product Reviews

Air Fryer Review
Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer Review (Off Site)