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My name is Grace Hodgin and besides being a creativity creator, I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.
I strongly believe in inspiring imagination and nurturing creativity in children and adults. I love traveling and going on trips to be used as field trips of knowledge for me and my family. It is never too late to develop an imagination and follow one’s dreams. I agree with Albert Einstein when he said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”
I’ve been a clay sculptor for over 15 years and teach adults and children tips and techniques in this area. I was a craft editor for several years and believe if you teach a child a craft it may lead in interest in the ‘arts’ or a path to a skill that will be used in life for fun, profit or sustainable living. I strive to bring creativity into each moment of my life and inspire it in others.
Being a fun grandmother requires a balancing act. I love being available for my grandchildren but I also know the importance of having a life and experiencing a wonderful life at home with my husband. Although my grandchildren are a very essential part of my life they are not ‘my life’ and I am not ‘their life either’! My blog is a resource for grandparents wishing to gain and exchange tips and techniques for great ideas that has helped us reinvent ourselves into being the type of grandparents that kids love to visit and learn new things.

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creativity creator grandchildrenGrandmother

Creativity Creator in the Forest

I live in the Ocala National Forest with my husband who is a master potter and our Senegal Parrot, Nhee Ghee. Presently my fur grand baby, rescue kitten, Oliver Twist has been adopted by us as my son completes his transition to a new state and career. I think some of my most important life lessons have been taught to me by pets and grand children and write about those experiences on my blog.

creativity creator senegal parrotNhee Ghee-Senegal Parrotcreativity creator oliver twist rescue kittenOliver Twist-Rescue KittenCreativity Creator African Sideneck Turtle eating Atlas, African Side Neck Turtle

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I love writing reviews and hosting giveaways but I also enjoy being a life style blogger and writing about my experiences and those all important lessons I learn daily to become a better person free of prejudices, narrow-mindedness and intolerance. My husband and I grow and use herbs in our life and believe that it is our responsibility to be informed and knowledgeable about using natural alternatives to improve our health and daily living experiences. My passions in life are children, animals, sustainable living and always standing up for the under dog.

One way to inspire creativity is to teach it!

Our Grand Children: Budding Potters.

creativity creator learning pottery

creativity creator learning pottery

creativity creator learning pottery

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Creativity Creator Public Relations Friendly

I’m a life style blogger, which means I love to talk about my life in the forest and my friends and family. I also love getting products from companies to tell my readers all about them and my experience with them.
My reviews are usually around 500 to 750 words in length and I promote my posts on all social media areas.
Please ask me before sending any products and once received please do not ask me to send them back. I am honest in all my reviews and if I see a major problem with your product I do open up a line of conversation with you so all my concerns so my questions will be answered before posting my review.
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My nephew died at age 40 leaving a wife and child. It was Kevin’s greatest wish that his son, Nick, be able to go to college. His friends and family wish to make that happen for Kevin to honor his memory. Please donate to this campaign to help Kevin’s dream come true.
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