Creature of Comfort Tools: Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Creature of Comfort Tools

If you are a creature of comfort who needs creature of comfort tools raise your hand! My food processor is on top of the list when it comes to taking inventory on what I do not want to live with out. Seeing the time I was saving by shredding cabbage in one instead of hand grating won me over immediately. The one I currently own is a Hamilton Beach Food Processor with Extra Crinkle Cut. That’s right! I can make my own french fries in minutes. My husband’s nephew gifted it to me. They either had two or did not use it.
food processor with crinkle cut

Features that a creature of comfort will love

  • Convenient cord storage
  • Mine was used and did not come with a book so I figured out everything on my own. I did go over to the Hamilton Beach site and saw this was on of the features. I love this as cords can be such a pain when stored on the self.

  • Process more in less time
  • If I had to grate cabbage like I did in the olden days then we probably would not eat cole slaw again!

  • 525 watts/2 speeds plus pulse control
  • I always pick the most watts and strongest motor I can find in appliances as I use them a lot and need dependability.

  • Three stainless steel blades
  • I can easily choose to slice, shred, crinkle cut & fine shred with the functions these blades provide.

  • The feed chute is large and BPA-free in all food zones
  • This can really handle large items and I love that the parts that are plastic are BPA-free.

  • Bowl, blades and the top are all dishwasher safe
  • I don’t own a dishwasher because that is one of the ways we keep our electric bill around $50.00 a month but I know that is important feature for many.

    How Often Do I Use My Appliances?

    Several times during the day and when I am meal prepping then they get used for hours. One tip that I will share that helps me is that I keep the ones I use the most on the counter and the ones I use not as frequently go on a convenient shelf I can easily reach. When I store them high or store in cabinets I use them less frequently.

    Hand Grate or Food Process?

    Barb and I compared our photos of hand grate and food process. We both agreed there was no visual difference. “Thank you Hamilton Beach” because I hate to hand grate.
    Barb Webb, editor of Rural Mom and I thought we would have fun by doing a vegan recipe challenge. I took her zucchini bread recipe You can see the end result of the challenge on RuralMom
    I am out in the kitchen daily making it work for our species of ‘creature of comfort’.
    So on the whole, a creature of comfort needs hers/his tools and the Hamilton Beach Food Processor is definitively one of mine.

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    1 thought on “Creature of Comfort Tools: Hamilton Beach Food Processor

    1. This looks like a great food processor. I’ve been thinking of getting one to make peanut butter, vegan pesto, and some other recipes. Glad to know that this is a good one!

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