Dairy Free Vegan Journey: How To Escape The Power of Butter

Dairy Free Vegan Journey Advancements

My dairy free vegan journey is going smoothly and I have been finding great recipes and products that help.

My journey began when my husband had a heart attack and we needed to pursue healthier alternatives to increase his quality of life.

Am I completely dairy free?

I am gradually replacing dairy products with vegan friendly foods. Have I slipped up upon occasion? Yes I have.

Slip Ups


  1. Habit plays a big part in my eating style. I focus on breaking bad habits.
  2. Mayonnaise- I like the stuff but I realize that I can see the bottom of the jar so I need to replace it with a vegan friendly brand.
  3. Forgetting to scan the product ingredients on labels. Again habit has caused a few flawed purchases. I need to establish this into my routine.

Dairy Free Advances

Alternative butter choices for vegan menu plan.
photo credit: Brandless.com sunflower seed butter.

Pats On The Back

  1. I am being faithful in not purchasing more dairy products even though I am using the last of my groceries that contain dairy.
  2. Avoiding temptations-

    My husband still tries to fudge by making attempts to buy ice cream. I have declined his offers and I notice when I stay strong he leaves it alone as well.

  3. Commitment- I have made a mental note to shop on line or visit our natural foods store in town to find a mayonnaise alternatives.
  4. I bought a Sam’s Club membership because I found vegan products I can purchase in bulk.
  5. Vegan cookbooks are out there and the resources are amazing.and I so love I don’t have to give up ice cream!
  6. Changing my mind-

    The successful path to living without butter

  7. I first decided to use the food we already have rather than giving it away but replace with vegan friendly food when it was gone –BUT

    There is a whole lot of butter in the freezer!
    Obviously I had a fear of a butter shortage and my freezer is proof. I am giving my supply to my daughter.

Tips & Resources

Dairy Free Vegan Butter Choices

Brandless.com is a company that I shopped with this month and purchased organic sunflower seed and almond butter to help me slide off the butter wagon.

It is very good and I put some on our broccoli last night at supper. I have to say that it gave me encouragement when I tasted it and immediately thought, “Hey, I can do this!”

I love the nutty flavor that in this butter.


Another plus with this site is that it has a section for vegan. I love it when I find those companies as it saves me time looking at ingredients and figuring out if this is something I can use in the kitchen.

Brandless offers realistic prices and they are lower or competitive with the natural stores in my area. Another great feature is that Brandless participates in the Feeding America® Program so when I purchase food someone gets to eat and I am all for buying from companies that give back and help our people here in the United States.

The blog on Brandless has some fun tips and recipes. I found a fun ‘Cozy Turmeric Latte’ that I plan on testing out this week and if I like it then will share it with my grandson while he visits over the Thanksgiving holiday. We grow our own turmeric so this is just one more way to use our resources.

I feel I am making positive strides in continuing my path on this vegan journey and I am really pleased that I have made some positive strides in becoming dairy free.

I made a commitment to remain thankful throughout the month of November and this week I am thankful to Brandless for helping me escape the power of butter.

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