DIY Button Earrings

DIY Button Earrings are a fun and fast project that anyone can create.
So often earrings make an outfit, don’t you agree? Those small touches from a simple accessory often complete the look for apparel. DIY button earrings are my favorite fashion accessory and they are light weight too and don’t hurt my ears. I always receive compliments while wearing my button aisle earrings no matter what social gathering I attend.

Guess where you are going to find these fun pieces of fashion?

Button Choices

    The button aisle of your favorite fabric shop is a great place to start.
    Recycle buttons from favorite clothes.
    Buttons from loved ones garments

Memory Makers

Cute buttons from clothes outgrown by kids or buttons from garments from loved ones who have passed are great memory makers and make those DIY button earrings special.

DIY earrings that are fast and simple

I enjoy creating DIY button earrings because they are inexpensive and a creative way to add a personal flair to a favorite outfit.
So the next time you need to find that perfect pair of earrings to complete a look then try making your own DIY button earrings rather than searching in the jewelry section at a retail store.

Here are the supplies that should be gathered to create button aisle earrings:
Supplies and Tools

  • Shank Buttons
  • E600 glue (or a good jewelry glue of your choice)
  • Earring posts and clasps for pierced ears or claps for non pierced ears.
  • Pliers or wire cutters.
  • Getting Started

      Remove buttons from button cards and snip off the shanks on the back with wire cutters or pliers.

    DIY Button Earrings on

      Clean the backs of the earrings and place a small amount of glue on back of earring and attach earring post in glued area. Let sit for 24 hours.

    DIY Button Earrings on

      Put your new earrings on and enjoy!

    DIY Button Earring Tutorial
    Have you tried making your own DIY button earrings? What style do you think would be fun to wear on the next outing? Feel free to ask questions or share ideas on my FB Blessed Elements page and share your creativity.

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    4 thoughts on “DIY Button Earrings

    1. These are the cutest earrings! Thanks for sharing this easy to follow tutorial. I’m going to have try to make some for my daughters.

    2. These are super cute! They are perfect for summer, especially when you need a pop of color to go with an outfit.

    3. These are really adorable. Thanks for the step by step instructions. I could even maybe do this!

    4. How cute!!! I love making my own stuff, and these could be personalized, or made to match a specific outfit. I love it!

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