DIY Hair Accessory:Macrame Josephine Knot 3 Styles of Tutorials

DIY Hair Accessory:

DIY Hair Accessory can change in looks simply by changing the color of the paracord, adding knots or spacing them. The best thing is that it does not take that many supplies and is fast to do.
Hair Accessory tutorial
Macrame seems to be here to stay. The popularity of this technique always seems to reappear. Often I have used the techniques of these great knots to decorate my house, clothing and hair.

Josephine Knots are wonderful to use to transform a piece of paracord into a DIY hair accessory and not only to add fashion but also functionality to hair. The elegant knot is a beautiful weave that calls attention to its self and is perfect to accent every day or make a fashion statements when dressing up by adding an unique look to the hair style of choice.

macrame hair accessory

Getting Started

I began with two 30 inch paracord and in a few minutes I had a DIY hair accessory to share with my readers.

You will need:
(2) 30 inch pieces of Paracord (color of choice or use different color for each side)
*Note that paracord comes in different strengths and that does make dimensions of the cord narrower or wider in size. This will make a difference in the look of the DIY hair accessory. In this tutorial I have used 550 paracord.
straight pin
Work base to create the knot on whether it be foam, card board to stabilize the knot in the process of its creation. I like using a piece of styrofoam but in this tutorial I used a piece of craft foam and a folded up rag rug behind it just to display how any type of media can be used with out spending money.

Written Tutorial

A. Here is a brief description of creating the Josephine Knot in written form.
I am using two different colors to make it easier to follow the weave of the knot.

1. Fold the paracord in half and pin it to the top of the work area beside one

2. Make a counterclockwise loop with the left side cords. (The loop will face the cord
that has not been used.)

3. Now take the right hand cord over the loop just created.

4. Slip it under the lower end of the loop,

5. Over the upper end, under the top of the loop and over its self,

6. Under the bottom of the left handed loop.

7. Tighten the cords for an uniform appearance


Photo tutorial style:

1. macrame diy hair accessory
2. macrame diy hair accessory
3. macrame diy hair accessory
4. macrame diy hair accessory
5. macrame diy hair accessory
6. macrame diy hair accessory
7. macrame diy hair accessory


Video tutorial style.

The next step is to secure the knot so it can be used for the hair. You can do it by either sewing or gluing the pieces with a glue gun.
*Note that paracord can be sealed into place by using a lighter and burning the ends and sealing the cut cord which then glues it to the underside of the completed piece. I do this for the cords I cut but also then sew them in place to make them extra secure.

Make sure to secure each of the loops held with the pins to the back side of the DIY hair accessory.

Fold back the loose ends of the para cord on the bottom side of the Josephine Knot and secure it to the underneath side then cut with scissors and sew.

I purchased hair stick pins for my DIY hair accessory but you can also fasten it on large clips or barrettes.

I would love to see your projects so feel free to share them with me on my facebook page.

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