Fayetteville North Carolina: Vegan Treasure Find

Fayetteville North Carolina hosted our annual girlfriend weekend. Southern hospitality is always on my list of preferences when traveling.
This city, however, offers so much more than the welcoming attitude I experience in all southern states. Vegan food is plentiful here! Equally important to the food choices, I found a welcoming spirit and tolerance for those choosing a vegan lifestyle.

It all makes sense now and why this city would be so accommodating by understanding Fayetteville North Carolina’s foundation and accepting attitudes.
Fort Bragg, an Army base, is the largest in population currently in the United States. Having so many individuals constantly residing and retiring there explains why this city has such an accommodating and tolerance to different tastes and personalities. Open to changes and building towards the future this city honors its past and military history as well.

Favorite Vegan Finds

I have a mixed clutch of friends who enjoy eating meat as well as those that are vegetarians and vegans. This city gives you a welcome option of going into a restaurant with any friend so each may eat meals they favor.
Ethnic food choices are abundant in this city and one can dine enjoying Vietnamese, Mediterranean or other ethnic foods.

    curry tofu
    Grilled Ginger is hands down my favorite place. I still dream about the Dau Hu Ca Ry (Curry Tofu) and have as yet not been able to duplicate the wonderful blends in my own kitchen. The Grilled Ginger serves large portions and I took my
    unfinished portions back to the hotel with me to enjoy the next day. Fear not those that have friends resistant to the vegan food choices! This wonderful place also serves foods featuring seafood and meat. The atmosphere is lovely along with the staff. It is a perfect place to catch up with friends over wonderful food or just enjoy their company while savoring the blends used in the dish you choose to order. This lovely restaurant sprouted my understanding for an epicurean approach for food at an affordable price. I am now a curry dish snob, unfortunately my preferred curry still resides at the
    Grilled Ginger ūüôĀ even though I am in Florida.
    flat bread blue moon
    Blue Moon Café
    Upbeat and welcoming this café is opens for the lunch crowd and those that enjoy eating dinner out later in the day. Like other restaurants this establishments offer a wide variety of foods for those besides vegans.

Vegan Cookies?

There are vegan cookies in Fayetteville!
vegan cookies
The Coffee Cup
What is better than great coffee? A vegan cookie to go with it! Both Barb and I love a good cookie and we both chose to eat a vegan cookie. She elected to eat a chocolate chip and I bought the shortbread with icing. Located downtown this lovely shop offers a variety of crafted drinks and food to take with you or eat outside in a near by chair. We drank our coffee as we window shopped to continue our exploration of the city. We ate our cookies the next day in our hotel room. It was a nice way to revisit the inviting feeling The Coffee Cup offers to each customer that visits.
If a vegan restaurant is on your bucket list when visiting Fayetteville North Carolina then check out the Fayetteville’s Vegan Festival Facebook page They feature vegan restaurants in the area as they announce Vegan Festivals. I know attending one is on my list of things to do.

Will A Vegan Starve In Non Vegan Eateries?

Certainly Not!! I love a good challenge and boast of always being able to find something to eat. Even at a contemporary pub such as,
Scrub Oaks Contemporary Pub.
sautéed veggies and wild rice
Most vegans are well versed in finding selections on menus they can eat without throwing the ‘vegan card‘. In our perfect world vegan food is just a step away but travel writing requires visiting lots of different types of restaurants. I found this place to have a fun atmosphere and a relaxed setting even though they were busy. Although it is not on my top recommendations to my vegan travelers because of the lack of vegan options, I certainly did not walk away with any feeling of being deprived. The vegetables were lovely and the ginger ale was a refreshing touch.

My concluding thoughts on Fayetteville North Carolina is one of awe. They are a community that works together even among the local businesses as they plan events for the residents. They support one another regardless of eating preferences or lifestyles. In my opinion, Fayetteville has a lot to offer to anyone that visits. It is an Eclectic City which it displays through the variety of shops, restaurants, music and entertainment venues.
I compare it to Disney World as you can not see it all in a week or weekend. Plan to make it a vacation spot a number of times to fully immerse yourself in the treasures this city offers.

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