Frozen Breaded Cauliflower 7 Easy Steps

Frozen Breaded Cauliflower

Frozen breaded cauliflower can be made a head of time following these seven easy steps with three ingredients. I keep them in the freezer until needed. Using this technique keeps the cauliflower from clumping together so it can be easily used in any recipe. Frozen Breaded Cauliflower can be stored in the freezer for about 12 months if properly stored.
Ovens or air fryers can be used and the results yield veggies that are crunchy and enjoyable to eat even plain..

Breading cauliflower tutorial

Creating Different Tastes With Sauces

Different sauces create different tastes and meals. Purchasing a pre-made sauce from stores make the preparation fast and easy. Creating dishes with your own then make them original.
We love covering our air fry cauliflower with General Tso sauce for a yummy Chinese dish. Another favorite is using a ginger sauce over the cauliflower paired with oriental vegetables over rice is yet another healthy meal alternative.

oriental dish with breaded cauliflower

Frozen Breaded Cauliflower 7 Easy Steps

Food and Supplies
One head of cauliflower
Panko Bread Crumbs
Egg Replacement (I use Bob’s Red Mill)
Cookie Sheet

Break cauliflower into bite size pieces wash and let stand in straine
frozen breaded cauliflower

Mix 3 TBLS. of egg replacement with 2/3 c of water and stir to mix completely in a medium size bowl. Let sit it for one minute.
frozen breaded cauliflower

At first this will be thin but adequate enough to dip cauliflower pieces in to coat. This mix will thicken and you may need to add a small amount of water to thin and complete the last part of cauliflower pieces.

Pour enough panko bread crumbs in another bowl to cover cauliflower pieces. Continue adding panko when needed.
frozen breaded cauliflower

Dip cauliflower pieces in egg replacement.
frozen breaded cauliflower

Then place in bowl of panko bread crumbs and cover completely.

Transfer breaded cauliflower onto clean baking sheet.
ready for the freezer

Continue this process until all pieces are breaded and put on cookie sheet.
frozen cauliflower

Place cookie sheet with breaded cauliflower uncovered in freezer for 24 hours.

When frozen then place the pieces in a freezer bag and keep in freezer until needed.

*You can use the same steps to freeze battered green tomatoes so you can fry them later and enjoy them all winter long.

When ready to fix place frozen breaded cauliflower in air fryer at at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

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