Good Mood Gadget

The ‘Good Mood Gadget’ is modeled after those Cootie Catchers we use to make as children. These give the goal as an affirmation and also the action steps.
Positive thoughts are just as easy to tune into as bad thoughts. We just need to retrain our brain to think of those positive thoughts first! Using affirmations are important steps to creating a positive life but in addition, using action steps to retrain your brain is equally as important.

Good Mood Gadget

Good Mood Gadget Positive Tool
This gadget is easy to stash in a drawer by your favorite chair or in the car to use when waiting in a traffic jam or a car line. In cases like traffic jams it helps to focus on good rather than irritating things. I find when using mine, I start feeling better when I remind myself of affirmations that work in my life.

In the beginning I did not know a lot of affirmations and did not know that sometimes action steps really help in gaining understanding on how they work.
I still use my good mood gadget because it is rather surprising that the right affirmation always appears.

Good Mood Gadget Supply List

how to make a good mood gadget

  1. Take a plain sheet of paper of your choice and fold the corner and align it to the opposite side of the paper. You will not take it to the corner
    You are making it square so you will be cutting off paper.
  2. Fold back the one corner to the other so you have a triangle.
  3. Take the opposite corner and fold that so you have a smaller triangle.
  4. Now unfold the paper completely so it is flat and you will be able to see creases.
  5. Take a corner and fold it so the point of the corner meets in the middle of the sheet of paper. Repeat this step for each of the 3 corners
  6. Turn over the sheet of paper over and repeat the same steps as before by folding each corner to the middle. Now fold it in half
    and then fold it again so you have a tiny square.(take your finger and run it over the creases you just made)
  7. Now open up the square from the last folds you just did. One side will have four flaps on one side of the stink stopper. Put your right thumb and
    index finger in the two flaps on one side and your left index finger and left thumb in the two remaining flaps on the stink stopper.
  8. You now have a completed a good mood gadget.

Get in touch with your inner child and decorate

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Child

I started out making these with construction and paper but now make and decorate them with wrapping and greeting card paper.
Let your inner child out and decorate your ‘good mood gadget’ It makes it your own creation so you get the feeling of ownership.
Now cut the affirmations and action steps from the download furnished. Glue an affirmation on one of the wedges and the action step directly above or below it. Continue doing all eight wedges.
Good Mood Gadget

Positive Tools and why they work

Sometimes retraining your brain is tough. Through out life we become reactive about what happens. We forget or, in some cases, do not know that we can direct our lives in the direction we choose. We are trained to believe that we are stuck in circumstances but that is not the case. Through positive thinking we learn that there are other perspectives to the same situation. When seeing problems in a new perspective we can change our path to a new journey in life.

good mood gadget

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