Grace and Life Without Cheese and Butter

Grace resides with her husband in a two room cottage on the back door of the Ocala National Forest. Growing up as teens in the 60’s seemed to be the palette that painted Grace and her husband’s life style.

What Makes Them Tick?

Both enjoy sustainable living and are tree guardians.  Tolerance to other’s opinions has gifted them a variety of friends of different views.

grace and her husband

Grace, a long time vegetarian, living with a carnivore eating loving man came to an end when her husband suffered a heart attack. Now both are on a journey as vegans and learning how to enjoy life without meat, cheese and butter as the focal point of a meal.

“Learning curves are just a tool to successful rendezvous with healthier life choices. Being flexible and open minded are maps to discovery of new things to love” is Grace’s philosophy to life as she refuses to admit defeat but holds on to the belief that set backs are not failures but just another thing learned. She steadfastly chants her motto of “I’m smart enough to figure this out.”  And she chants that a lot as she sorts out this new meal planning strategy as a  vegan.

Join Grace as she teaches her husband how to cook so he too can take an active part as a vegan meal planner to stay on course to a long life filled with lots of quality moments that makes life magical.