Meet Grace

Defeating denial
Grace resides on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with her husband and feral cat colony. She believes creativity is a lifestyle not a craft project; each day is an opportunity to inspire and teach creativity to all she meets. Living in the forest, she and her husband enjoy their sustainable living lifestyle, being tree guardians and protectors of the wild life in their area.

She is the mother of two incredibly creative children and the grandmother to 3 magical grand kids, who can make a smile appear on anyone’s face in a matter of moments. When Grace is not rescuing cats and spending time with her family she enjoys her time sculpting, tatting, macramé and freelance writing.

Grace is an active member in her community and serves as membership chair on the board of directors.
Grace gives ‘free techie’ classes to residents at FLP community center to help them with technology. As people grow older they sometimes get lost and fall behind.
Grace believes that one is never to old to learn new things and several people have told Grace they feel more comfortable around technology now that they have taken her class. She feels gratitude and compassion are the key components of living a joy filled life.