Grandparent Branding: 5 Ways To Make Your Mark

Grandparent branding may not be a common word in our language, but if you think of it, every grandparent should think about branding themselves in the minds of their grandchildren.
Unlike “branding” livestock in the old west, grandparent brandings are pleasant experiences to all concerned.

We each are unique with lots to share. Those things you have to offer will be how your grand-kids will associate with you. Delightful flavors, memorable scents, fun activities and enjoyable entertainment are all great ways of creating memories and leaving a mark in the lives of your grand kids.

Grandparent Branding

Making Your Mark On The Grand-Kids

    5 Tips

    1.Treats- All of my grandchildren first experience with first root beer floats began with me. Our first was at a restaurant but then we recreated our own at home. A trip to an old fashion soda shops to experience past memorabilia was a fun history lesson too. To keep it from getting routine we experiment with different ice cream flavors besides vanilla. Some are pleasant and some give us the inside knowledge on why you don’t mix that flavor with root beer. We soon branched out to exotic milkshakes; decorating according to our mood.
    grandparent branding can be as simple as introducing your grand child to a favorite milkshake flavor

    2.Scent- To be honest with you, the scent I associate with one of my grandmothers is moth balls. In reality, the scent still reminds me of her clean home and loving ways. I prefer to choose a different scent for my grand kids to think of me. I wear ‘Amazing Grace’ for my signature scent. Naturally it does not have to be perfume or after shave or cologne. It can be a scent of an herb always used in cooking or a simmering spice to fragrance your home.
    Entertainment- Think of a favorite spot or entertainment to enjoy with your grand kids. I use to pick the theater as a special treat. Going to the movies, getting pop corn, beverage or a box of candy to celebrate the moment. It does not have to be expensive. Going to the park, enjoying dessert at a restaurant you label as “our spot” are fun was to seek entertainment and is a special thing they come to enjoy doing with their grandparents.
    Favorite ways to entertain for special moments is a great tool to use for grandparent branding.

movie time with grandparents


    Crafts and activities do not have to be expensive to create memories.
    super hero craft pig

      Teaching them to climb trees

    teaching grandkids to climb trees

      Identify tree leaves and making a scrap book to taking field trips
      Educational field trips turning into journeys are all great activities the grand kids will enjoying doing with you

    Fun crafts, activities and field trips are reminders of you each time and the memories they create.

5.Share A Skill- Everyone has a specialty! If it is the love of science, art, or making the perfect pie crust then share your skill with your grandchildren. What a great legacy to teach grandchildren skills you now have because someone taught you. As well as sharing the the skill, tell a story about learning it from your grandparent. You may not only be sharing a skill but keeping one alive for the next generation. My mother often did this in hopes that her parents memory would live on after her.
I was 6 when learning embroidery from my mom. Library trips finding books on techniques and history of the craft were fun field trips; making learning fun. Because of those fun memories with my mom, I made sure to pass the skill of embroidery to my grand daughter.
Some skills my grandchildren showed no interest. However, I find that they try those skills now that they are older. As a matter of fact, they ask how to learn skills they associate with me that I did not teach them.
Grandparent branding uses all the 5 senses to make memories and reinforce time spent together

Discover Your Branding Skills

Take some time and think about the special things to share with your grandkids or children close to you. Not only will you be ‘grandparent branding’ but also creating special time in the minds of those children. Spending time with children creates lasting memories. The above tips keep you close in the minds of your grandchildren even when life gets busy as they grow into adults with families of their own.
One of my favorite trends of thought is knowing that I am building special moments with them that they can share with their grand kids and make their mark on their grandchildren with their special grandparent branding techniques.

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