Gratitude Ends Grousing: Positive Festive Holiday Goals

Gratitude Ends Grousing!

Gratitude is synonymous with November. Keeping the month festive and being thankful for our abundance of health, home and family is key this year.So often the holidays can be stressful and demanding. We are notorious home bodies and really like spending time at home rather than going out and being in the holiday crowds.

We often complain about going over to eat at other places or joining in on holiday festivities but after it is all over we agree that the time spent with others was lovely and decide not to grouse about it again.

The following year we slip back into our grousing routine due to the commercialism of the holidays and fighting the crowds because of the business of the season.

This year I decided to try and curtail our grousing by keeping in a festive spirit for the holidays. Enjoying traditional foods through out the month instead of waiting for the appointed day seems like a great start.

Before the November holidays even begin I have placed my plan in action. Yeah Grace!
I will be blogging about it to keep accountable and here are a few of my ideas.

Gratitude To Do List

Ideas For A Happy Holiday

  • Fix food with holiday inspired ingredients
  • Appreciating my friends with a surprise holiday gift
  • Plan quality family time sessions, such as games or movies.

Changing our meals to match our vegan lifestyle is not going to be difficult at all.
I have a lot of help on recipe suggestions from my vegan group and from cookbooks I already have on my shelves.

My husband loves cranberries and as a result I will be fixing weekend treats featuring cranberries and nuts. I have fixed vegan cranberry nut bread in the past and this month it is back on the week end treat menu with other cranberry dishes.

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