Indian Recipes Plus Instant Pot: Removing Fear Accelerating Success

Indian Recipes Made Possible

Indian recipes always fascinated but imitated me. My comfort zone was enjoying them in restaurants. As a result the one cookbook I bought stayed on the shelf as I considered the dishes time consuming and out of my league.

Complete Indian Instant Pot Cookbook
Excerpt credit: Courtesy of The Complete Indian Instant Pot Cookbook by Chandra Ram © 2018 Reprinted with permission. Available where books are sold.
Image credit: Galdones Photography

The Complete Indian Instant Pot CookBook by Chandra Ram removed obstacles that once held me back. Browsing this review book gave me hope that I too could enjoy this type of food made in my kitchen.

Tips & Techniques

Chandra Ram educates her new ‘student cooks’ well and those that are experienced with Indian recipes will find her tips valuable.

What I Have Learned

  1. How to make customized spice blends
  2. Ingredient substitutes
  3. How to put together an Indian meal
  4. Time saving methods using the Instant Pot
  5. How to use the Yogurt feature to ferment bread doughs and batters

Using the Instant Pot makes it possible to prepare Indian recipes reducing time in the kitchen. The author covers every aspect of creating a meal that is Indian inspired.
Failure is not an option with these recipes as a result of the clear instructions and beautiful photos of almost every dish.

Non Vegan – Vegan Friendly

Some recipes in this book can be used for vegan meals without substituting ingredients. I love learning about spice blends and this book has given me a new supply of ones to make on my own.

Recipes from the Complete Indian Cookbook
Image credit: Galdones Photography

Sweet Potato Paw Bhaji is a welcome addition to my recipes to serve for vegan friends & family. The chutneys and soups will keep me entertained all winter long while I impress my friends on my new Indian cooking techniques. I can hear the accolades now while typing.

In short, this book has taken my fear from Indian cooking and exchanged it for the feeling of excitement.

Chandra Ram trained as a chef at the Culinary Institute of America. She has first hand knowledge of Indian cooking from the family of her Indian father. I feel her expertise in the world of foods gives the reader trust in beginning this journey which will turn into confidence by the straight forward and encouraging way in which these recipes are delivered.

Visit Chandra Ram’s site for more recipes. I think the Broccoli-Winter Squash Subzi Recipe is one I will try this weekend.

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3 thoughts on “Indian Recipes Plus Instant Pot: Removing Fear Accelerating Success

  1. This whole cookbook sounds interesting, but I’m most interested in how to use the Yogurt setting to ferment bread doughs and batters. That sounds like a whole new level of cooking and like something I could get in to! I love bread and having fresh bread all the time would be amazing.

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