Kitchen Appliance Repairs Versus Buying New

Appliance Repairs Versus Buying New

Kitchen Appliance repairs versus buying new often is solved by purchasing from a reputable company. When the machine starts out being quality then frequent repairs are not necessary. At one point even the best built machine begins to wear down.
Often the first reaction for most is ‘out with the old and in with the new’. We have become a ‘throw away society’ and need to take more practicable approaches to reducing waste.
Small Appliance Repair
My blender is over 25 years old and is still a faithful companion for my kitchen needs. Now that my husband and I have joined the Smoothie Revolution I use it every day. I noticed the other day that it was was leaking. My husband suggested to replace parts for it rather than discarding it . Though I love getting new appliances I have to admit that his point is valid. Even though I may purchase a new blender in the future and keep the old one as back up it makes since to replace parts rather than add to the growing pile of our recycling center. My husband said the motor was fine so replacing the seal and perhaps new blades was all that was necessary. Spending ten to twelve dollars is better that spending $30.00 to $199.00.
The first step to avoiding tossing the old and buying new is to research some companies with dependable products. Parts for my blender are still available from Hamilton Beach.

Choosing A Dependable Company

    1. Choose a Company Taking Pride In Their Name
  • Pride in the name of a company still exists today. There are still companies that have not traded integrity to keep up with the competition of new businesses. Often we need not look any further than our own kitchen cabinet to see the appliances that faithfully serve our needs. My kitchen cabinet points to Hamilton Beach and is one of the reason I looked at their products when choosing a stand mixer.
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      2. History and Length of Businesss
  • With the ever changing ways companies serve their communities, it sometimes is disheartening trying to find one that still maintains their allegiance and dedication towards their customers. Some companies throw out customer service and quality in hopes of revenue of sales that come from low quality products that are discarded in a few years. Their focus is not on return customers for other products but discard and replace.
    Hamilton Beach has been serving homemakers since 1910. Though their company has merged with other companies through the years, they maintain choosing ccompanies focusing on quality. They are also an American designer company marketing to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
    1. 3. Look For Companies Specialties
  • Several years ago companies started going into bankruptcy because they branched out in too many areas rather than focusing on a specialty. Researching shows me that, again, Hamilton Beach focuses on kitchen appliances and even makes restaurant and hotel supplies.
    1. 4. Customer Service
  • I am going to be very honest and tell you that I have never had to deal with Hamilton Beache’s customer service because I do not have problems with their products. I often look at their social media sites and see that they respond to problems quickly and attentively. That speaks volumes and even though, like most companies, they have some complaints I see them respond to those customers in a timely manner rather than ignoring them.
    1. 5. Availability of replacement parts
  • Offering replacement parts for products is a huge acknowledgement that the company stands behind their name. I always research to see if replacement parts to older models are available or if the company quickly discards those products by only offering new versions of new products for sale. I know when that happens they are only interested in selling more expensive products than offering help with older models. Offering appliance replacement parts for older models establishes confidence.
  • Appliance Repairs over Purchase Concluding Thoughts

    So in conclusion I do believe in appliance repairs when it is an option. Doing research for the initial purchase is an important key point as finding reputable companies will limit the need for repair. When repairs are necessary they will save money and keep those faithful appliances on your counter top.

    Other Benefits

  • I use my old appliances as a back up appliance when I do decide to purchase a new one.
  • These back ups devices are used during hurricane season here when we use a generator to keep us functioning.
  • Loaning my back up devices are another way I use these items as it helps a friend in a pinch yet keeps me from doing without while they are on loan.
  • My children are always grateful when I pass older appliances on to them as often when raising families finances limit them on appliance purchases that will make their life easier.
  • My Hamilton Beach Appliances:


    My 10 speed blender that is old but keeps on ticking. I am buying replacement parts and will write about it soon.

      Coffee Pot

    I bought this coffee maker as my Christmas gift from myself.

      Food Processor

    A treasured gift and truly one of my most loved kitchen device and I use it a lot!

      Stand Blender

    My Hamilton Beach Eclectrics Stand Mixer was given to me from the company in exchange for review. I love this mixer and have made some great recipes from it.

    * This article is based on my research and honest opinions. When investing in appliances do your own research and find a company that deserves your trust.

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