Legends Outlets: Building Girlfriend Bonds Shopping

Legends Outlets shopping is something Barb Webb and I will never forget.
We took a journey to Kansas as invited guests to enjoy a girlfriend weekend. Generally speaking, I am not a shopper. I am a ‘one stop shopper’, which means, I will go to one store buy what I need and go home. Legends Outlets has something though that even a non shopper like me loves!
Not only are there over 100 outlets consisting of retail, entertainment and dining conveniently all together but they also have some of the famous Kansas people exhibited there. Consequently, not only did we shop but also got a history lesson too! I love out of the box thinking and Kansas City, Kansas does that by combining history with shopping.
Legends outlet shopping

Building Girlfriend Bonds Shopping

I am all for going to a new place on a girlfriend getaway. Not knowing the area then we both depend on one another a little more and everything we see is new and exciting. No one has to feel like the host and provide a good time for the other because one is on familiar turf and the other is not.

Shopping at the Legends Outlets was a perfect place to go. Working together as a team we did not get lost and successfully found shops familiar and new to explore. Walking in the outdoor plaza is a relaxing way to browse shops and talk along the way.
We found new things out about one another during our shopping, exploring and learning who are legends of Kansas. We both learned some great tips from one another about how we get great deals, the stores that are our favorites and that we have very similar tastes. Not only did we converse and browse but we found some fun things to purchase. Those items are a little more special now because they are also memories of the great girlfriend getaway shopping trip we took together.

What is really fun about this shopping center is that you turn a corner and find replicas of famous Kansas people that began their life in one of the cities of Kansas. It was fun guessing who they were.
Kansas legends

The Kansas people we met while visiting were very friendly and helpful. The word heartland comes to mind to describe Kansas. Often we associate the word with the geological location of a place. To me, it evokes a feeling of a warmth and generosity. Of working hard and being proud of what you accomplish each day. It is the essence of being a good neighbor and extending a helping hand to those you know and do not. At one time maybe that word was just a definition I associated with the past. Today I know that feeling is alive and well in Kansas.

A welcoming spirit from genuine people who embrace hospitality awaits those who visit Kansas.

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7 thoughts on “Legends Outlets: Building Girlfriend Bonds Shopping

  1. This sounds like a fun getaway for you both. I’ve driven through Kansas a few times in my life on family road trips, but have never made it a destination trip. I may change that now thanks to your series in this heartland state.

  2. Really amazing experience! Awesome state and so much better as I was able to share time with you there! Cheers to our continued adventures!

  3. Kansas impressed me. I think I could live there. It has a lot of history and the people are awesome.

  4. Kansas was amazing and the people are so friendly. That sounds so much fun Jamie. We need to try and do a shopping trip.

  5. How fun!!! I can’t wait until things open up and we can go shopping again! We need to find a central place and all meet up for a girls shopping trip! 🙂

  6. This sounds like a fun trip! I live in Texas which is just a road trip away from Kansas, so I’ll have to check this out sometime! I actually don’t know a lot about Kansas, so this would be a lot of fun!

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