Liquid Smoke Decisions: Use It Or Not?

Liquid Smoke is an ingredient used in several recipes and also listed in many vegan recipe books I have. There is a controversy on whether it is damaging to your health or not.

I have read a lot about the test findings and opinions. The end results differ according to who is performing the tests.
Liquid Smoke, Is it safe to use?  Read the results and make your own decision
Making an educated decision is always best. One needs to weigh the odds and go with how peace of mind leads them. This article is not to persuade you to use it or not use it but to only let you know that some feel it is a carcinogenic while other feel the risk is so low that it is not a concern. I will post links to articles I have read based on research.

If you have reservations then know you can alternate Liquid Smoke with other ingredients. It is all about the taste and discovery of new spices in my vegan kitchen so deciding not use something never hinders my sense of adventure. Remember to never tell yourself “I can not use that” but “I can use this instead”. I found early on that staying positive in my dialogue keeps my vegan journey positive and open to new things.

At the end of my research I decided to keep my Wrights All Natural bottle but I mark my recipes to this article in case you decide not to use it. I learned some things by reading all the research.

  1. Baking helps reduce the risk
  2. There are some liquid smoke products that are less harmful.
  3. Other products use liquid smoke in their ingredients
  4. Be mindful of the amount and frequency of the use.

Is liquid smoke safe to use?

Liquid Smoke Research and Opinion Links:

  • Nutrition Facts. Org
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in smoked food products and commercial liquid smoke flavorings.
  • Biological Clues to Potent DNA-Damaging Activities in Food and Flavoring
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  • Spruce Eats
  • Health Guide Info
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