Macrame Blue Jean Hem Featuring Butterfly Buttons

Macrame blue jean hem with Butterfly and Whimsical Buttons

Macrame blue jean hem is what I chose for this project. I liked the way they turned out and added a bit of a flair to my doctored blue jeans.
Macrame Jean Hem, free tutorial
No longer do I bemoan the loss of the original blue jean hem with this addition of dancing butterflies and whimsical buttons.
Macrame blue jean hem pattern on


Terms and Material
KB= knot bearer cord
DDHH= diagonal double half hitch
WC= working cords
*cord placement is counted left to right.
Knot Tutorial Page

Measure around the leg of the pants you are hemming.
Mine measures to 16″ but I added 2 inches making it 18 inches long.
Times that length by 7 to make sure yourself enough macrame cord to finish your project.
I rounded off to 130″ and this was great and did not leave too much yardage to go to waste.


Here are the supplies used to  create my blue jean hem on

Stitch Witchery
2 style of buttons (butterfly=1″, round =3/4″
macrame cord
fine hemp twine used for macrame hem on blessedelements
sewing machine (unless you are doing this by hand)
needle threader (pulls cord through buttons)
pattern (listed below)
tape measure
macrame guide on knots


Cut 6 cords 130″ long
cut 1 cord 6″ long
Fold the 6″ in cord in half and knot the loose ends. Take this now 3″ cord and anchor it on your working board.

Fold the 6″ 130″ long cords in half and lark head each cord on to the 3″ cord.

Row 1. Use cord 1 as knot bearer cord (kb) double half hitch horizontally from left to right using cords 2-12 as working cords.

Row 2. Make another horizontal row using the same cord as before (cord 1) now working right to left using working cords 12-2

Row 3. Use cord 7 as KB and 6-1 as WC making diagonal double half hitches from center to left.

Row 4. Use 7th cord as KB (cord now in 7th place counting from L to R) and 8-12 as WC making diagonal double half hitches from center to right.

Row 5. Using cord 1 as KB and make diagonal double half hitches from left to center using 2-6 as working cords.

Row 6. String large button or bead (I used a butterfly button) on the 7th cord.

Making second part of diamond under butterfly

Row 7. Use cord 12 as KB and make diagonal double half hitches from right to center using working cords 11-7.

Row 8. Make 11 half knot sennits using cords 1-3 on the left side and 11 half knot sennits on the right side using cords 10-12.ow 8.

Row 9. Make Square Knots with cords 5-8, 3-6, 7-10 and 5-8. (Four square knots have now been made.)

Row 10. Repeat row 8.

Row. 11. Take cord 4 (or 1st free cord directly after the sinnet half knots and half hitch it on to the 1st half knot of the sinnet on left. Then take the same cord across to the sinnet on the right side and half hitch it from the 5th half knot of that sinnet.

Row 12. Diagonal double half hitch working cords 5-9 across from left to right.

Row 13. Use this same cord (4) as KB with 9-12 as working cords going from right to left.

Row 14. Place button or bead (I used whimsical hand painted round button) on 6th cord and placing it below last double half hitch.

Row 15. Diagonal double half hitch using cord 1 as KB left to center using 2-6 as working cords.

Row 16. Use cord 12 as KB and 11-7 as WC from right to center.

Row 17. Repeat Row 1 and 2.

Continue pattern until desired length ending after row 2.

Removable Version

Make a backing using the denim cut off for the hem.
Fold edges and hem or use stitch witchery.
Apply stitch witchery, fabric glue on the front of the band and iron on macrame design or hand tack. I used stitch witchery and hand tacked to the band.

Blue jean band for macrame piece
macrame blue jean hem tutorial on
macrame blue jean hem tutorial on
After snapping the band in place I joined the ends together with a double half hitch.
It is now a completed circular piece.
Joining the macrame blue jean hem is easy

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* No where on the package did it give the macrame cord size. I’m assuming it is 1mm.
If you use thicker cord then increase the length of each by 8″.

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