Adjustable Night Light by Auvon: Add Ambiance To Any Room.

A night light is probably one of the greatest inventions for man. It is in our house anyway! I am picky in regards to the type of illumination we use for our home. I have fallen in love with the Auvon adjustable nightlight that I was sent by the company in exchange for review.
Here are some great features you can expect when you purchase yours.
night lighs from Auvon

Night Light Features

    3 feature power switch
  • On- Continually stays on
  • Off- Always off and does not come on.
  • Auto- comes on when motion is detected and when light levels in the room are low
  • Auvon night light

      Adjustable Brightness
  • Adjust the brightness easily with a button on the side-This button is easy to reach while the unit is plugged in to the wall.
  • 5 brightness levels- Levels of light slowly increase so you can choose the amount of illumination you need for the room.
  • Memory function-The level of light is stored in the memory of the night light even if you turn it off.
  • Two night lights come with the single purchase.
  • As night falls in the forest it becomes very dark. As a result, so does our cottage that resides there. Adding the fact that we just rescued another kitten; it is important to see where we walk in the middle of the night. The sensory lighting works well for us. It lights the path when it detects our motion and because we can adjust the brightness it does not wake up the kitten nor do we step on it. Both my husband and I love this style of night light because of the adjustable lighting and the flexibility of turning it on, off or on auto. I find that the lower brightness level of the night light adds an ambiance to our living room when on. We also love that availability to select auto so it is not always on.

      Other Features Worth Considering

  • Easily plug in to a wall outlets
  • warm white light but not glaring
  • Two come to a pack costing $13.99
  • Illuminates up to 120lm or as low as 1lm
  • Attractive and not obvious of being a night light
  • To be honest with you, at first, I was not certain if the price of $13.99 was a fair price for a night light. Comparing this brand to others it now appears as a bargain and competitive in price. It is a quality item, has features I do not find in others on the market, and love the color of the illumination when on.

    In conclusion, I think these are a solid purchase and expect these two night lights to be long lasting. I plan to take one on travel trips with me for hotel rooms to avoid ‘bumps in the night’.
    You can purchase this style of night light at the Auvon Amazon store and begin to add a little ambiance to your dark rooms. Auvon has several styles available so look around their store as I notice that they have several styles of night lights to choose from and in different quantities.

    Auvon has other products besides night lights and you can read my review on their TENS units they also sell.

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