November News In Case You Missed it.

November News

November was here and now is gone. I am giving a recap to re share the November events.
Our vegan life style is going smoothly and we appreciate all that are helping us on this journey.

My biggest helper this month is Robert Rose and allowing me to review a few books I love. November could have been disastrous without the help of vegan recipes to make our Thanksgiving festive.

  1. Vegan Holiday
  2. The Vegan Cook’s Bible
  3. Vegan Air Fryer Recipes
  4. 350 Best Vegan Recipes
  5. Beans, Lentils & Tofu; 250 Best Recipes

grace and her husband

November Vegan Journey

    Our local flea market/farmers market was a great discovery in October. All of our Thanksgiving vegetables came from tour local flea market and we shop twice a week to bring down food bills. Not only does it help me save money on groceries but the produce seems fresher and I am helping local farmers by purchasing from them.

    We are doing a great job in becoming dairy free and founds some great products.
    Some new kitchen appliances have been purchased and our favoite is our new air fryers we discovered.
    craft articles
    When I was not writing for my site then I was sharing crafts and recipes for Rural Mom

    Rural Mom

    Pine cone craft.
    Birdseed recipe for kids


    Orange Pomander
    November is the month for gratitude and we are truly thankful for everything we have experienced this month.

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