November News In Case You Missed it.

November News

November was here and now is gone. I am giving a recap to re share the November events.

We are loving our new vegan life style and appreciate all those that help us on this journey.

My biggest helper this month is Robert Rose and allowing me to review a few books I love.

  1. Vegan Holiday
  2. The Vegan Cook’s Bible
  3. Vegan Air Fryer Recipes
  4. 350 Best Vegan Recipes
  5. Beans, Lentils & Tofu; 250 Best Recipes

grace and her husband

November Vegan Journey

    Our local flea market/farmers market was a great discovery in October and we are still buying our veggies there. All of our Thanksgiving vegetables came from there. It helps me to save money on groceries and finding fresh local veggies.

    We are doing a great job of becoming dairy and cheese free and founds some great products.
    We are loving our new air fryers we discovered.
    craft articles
    When I was not writing for my site then I was sharing crafts and recipes for Rural Mom

    Rural Mom

    Pine cone craft.
    Birdseed recipe for kids


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    Grace Hodgin resides on the edge of the Ocala National Forest with her husband.
    Creativity is a lifestyle in Grace's world and is a persistent believer in the phrase, " I can make that!"

    Living in the forest, Grace and her husband enjoy sustainable living and are tree guardians and protectors of the wild life in their area.

    Grace is the mother of two creative children and the grandmother to 3 magical grand kids who can make a smile appear on anyone's face in a matter of moments.
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