Pantry Problem Solutions

Pantry ProblemSolutions

Pantry problem solutions is a constant issue with me. Reorganizing and remembering what I already have on hands is something I do every month. We have large shelf units that are as wide as they are long and things get thrown in the back to be lost forever.

Pantry Problems With Solutions.

This may seem like a no brainier to some but I finally began organizing according to the types of needs they provided.

  1. Baking
  2. Snacks
  3. Staples
  4. Can Goods
  5. Condiments and Pasta
  6. New Products to Try

Our vegan lifestyle helps me concentrate on keeping things in stock that I always use to cook from scratch. Previously I was always bringing new things home from the grocery and finding it a month later because it did not have an assigned spot.
Cooking from scratch at times is a pain but I assign myself days to marathon cook, stick it in the freezer or fridge for the day I am busy with no time to cook.

One of my biggest discoveries is Tupperware. I know the company has been in business for ever but I now see their value in keeping my grains, flours, pasta and nuts fresh. They also have Tupperware for the fridge to keep my veggies fresher longer and freezer containers. That however is another post in the making.

I am slowly adding Tupperware to my pantry for my baking supplies.
Using Tupperware for an age old problem of pantry space.

One thing that really helps me is that I put the recipe for favorites right on the container. I do keep an extra copy in my recipe box but this makes it so easy. I like buying cornmeal in large bags and always use my cornbread recipe through out winter.

vegan cornbread recipe

I am adding Tupperware gradually but each purchase helps my pantry stay organized and the food fresh.

Keeping Consistent Staples to avoid Pantry Problems

Finally I am learning to just keep the staples I use for cooking from scratch on my pantry shelves. I like buying in bulk. It is easy to write grocery lists when doing this because I see instantly when I am low. It helps to reserve the pantry shelf for chickpeas ect when there are 6 to 12 cans of them.

My pantry is no longer a problem and I am sure I will discover even more solutions in time.

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