Public Relations Friendly

Public Relations Information
I write my reviews honestly and show the utmost consideration to the company and my readers.
If you have a product you feel would be a good fit for my blog the please email me from the contact form.
I’m authentic and write 500+ word reviews because I feel companies that are giving me a product deserve to be represented with a well written article and not just a few paragraphs.
The areas and products I focus on are anything that inspires the imagination and nurtures creativity.
Books, Educational product, Educational travel, Crafts and Art are all products I promote on my blog
All items are mine to keep as “payment”.
I only review full size items, samples will not be reviewed. 

No reviews are written by me without an item to review. Giveaway items without an item being sent to me results in a charge of $75.00.
I currently do not accept payment for guest posts unless I’m familiar and have positive feeling towards the subject matter of the post. If I have not used the product then it is not represented on my blog unless I state it to my readers. I charge $200.00 for posting sponsored posts.
Each post is also Tweeted out and posted to my G+, Pinterest, Twitter account, fans and friends Facebook Page, promotional sites and Triberr views.
If you send me a product for review, I will not ship it back after the review, nor will I use it as the “giveaway” or “contest” item for any winner.   
Prizes are to be shipped direct to the winner from your company. Please do not send me a giveaway item for me to ship. That is the companies responsibility unless I have approved the shipment.
I review hard back copy of books and upon occasion I do review E-Books, as I own a Nook. I also review DVDs and Video games.
Advertisements Space
All ads must be family and child appropriate. I, Grace Hodgin, have final approval of all ads with respect to editorial/ creative content. I reserve the right to decline to place any advertisement and also the right to remove advertisement if ads vary from what was originally agreed upon by me. Payments are made for ads before they appear on my side bar or header space with no exceptions.
No pop up advertisement will be permitted and click-through must open into a new browse window with no follow links in tact.
Additional question or comments related to advertising specifications and fees can be sent using the form below.
I follow and abide by all FTC and Facebook Laws and Requirements, and I “Blog With Integrity”.
Items that are not able to be reviewed by me (E.G. unsolicited items that are not my size. Please contact me before sending infant products as well) will not be reviewed, please email me before you send.
blog with integrity
*Please note that I am honest in my reviews. If I am unhappy with the product or the way the problem was handled I reserve the right to post all of my experience with that product or will not post a review at all if I decide. I will contact the company first with my opinion and give you the opportunity to solve the issues.