Raw Food Recipes: Preparing Quick Delicious Meals

Raw Food Recipes was something I was unaccustomed with in preparing.

My Raw Food Recipes Vision

My vision was going to the fridge and crunching on a carrot as the main meal. I may like carrots but the thought was not enticing and so I was a little reluctant to take the ‘Raw’ menu plunge. I soon realized eating raw food recipes was going to be a lot more entertaining than munching on a carrot!

A Faulty Start Leading To A Better Journey

The first cookbook I found proved raw food recipes to be anything but quick.


  • I found myself making 3 food items which took time to prepare in order to make the one side dish I wanted to try.
  • These recipes were labor intensive and needing to start two days before you want to eat an entree.
  • I do like eating healthy and love the raw ingredients non cooking technique. Due to my steadfast ways I did find the perfect cookbook that was quick and delicious!


Where did I find this wonderful cookbook?

Robert Rose Inc.

Raw Food Recipes with only 5 ingredients
Raw, Quick & Delicious! by Douglas McNish © 2013†Robert Rose Inc. www.robertrose.ca Reprinted with publisher permission. Photo Credit: Colin Erricson

Review of Raw, Quick & Delicious!

I received Raw, Quick & Delicious! written by Douglas McNish to review. Therefore I am sharing my honest opinion to confirm that raw foods can be quick and delicious.
I love this book because the recipes are written to make one or two servings. That is really great for me since my kids are grown and I’m not cooking for a family anymore.

The quantities may be easily doubled according to the guests that may come over to eat. It is perfect for bachelors/bachelorettes or for couples.

Above all the recipes are quick. How quick do you ask? 15 minutes and there are 175 creative raw food recipes to fix in your own kitchen.
But most importantly the recipes are delicious and we feel full after eating them. No matter how healthy a meal is if it is not filling, delicious and quick to fix then very rarely do I prepare it again. Not so with these recipes.

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15 thoughts on “Raw Food Recipes: Preparing Quick Delicious Meals

  1. Love your blog, miss seeing you guys at pottery. Trying to eat healthier these days.

  2. I would love to eat more raw meals. I will have to check out the book!

  3. All of these recipes look fabulous! I also envisioned eating carrot sticks when I first heard of raw food diets, but it is surprising how many wonderful dishes there are. Thanks for sharing, will have to try the Angel Hair Beets and Greens soon!

  4. These are great, easy and healthy recipes. Now that I am back to eating healthier, will definitely give these a try. I also like that they are for one or two servings, I am not good in cooking for lots of people. Thanks so much!! This really helps out!

  5. I am by no means a health nut but I have to say when I accidentially went to a Raw restaurant I was hooked. There is just something to the flavors that make them pop. Thanks for the recipes to try at home.

  6. Raw foods are so good! I love the crunch and the fresh taste. My favorite is pasta salads with carrots, cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes. So good and good for you!

  7. That strawberry coconut dessert looks pretty fabulous. I have been trying to eat better for health reasons but have never tried raw eating. You have made me curious.

  8. I’m supposed to be dieting but the Strawberry Coconut Shortcake Tart sounds too good to pass up! I’m sure it’s a treat my toddler would enjoy too! It’s good to know that the recipes are written to make 1-2 servings.

  9. I can never think of raw food ideas except for salad. This book would be helpful.

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