Bohemian Reversible Feather Hair Pin Tutorial

Bohemian Reversible Feather Tutorial

My Bohemian Reversible Feather is a Pinterest inspired project. I love hair accessories and some how I thought a feather hair accessory would be perfect for a causal blue jean day.

Weekend Project Equals Tutorial

I am adding a tutorial with it for those that would like to make it too.

Decisions? Decisions?

bohemian reversible feather hair pin
Dark blue feather or light? I like them both and making two in once was a fun solution.

Let the Creativity Begin

The trick to creating the different color feathers is to cut them on different directions of the grain of fabric.
Placing the pattern horizontally and vertically on the fabric will create this look.
I have added a roughly drawn pattern of a feather to download and added the center seam and button hole placement.

After cutting out the feathers I put them together and mark my button holes. These button holes will really depend on the hair pin you are using. Mine are 4 7/8″ long.
After making the button holes I then sew the center seam.
bohemian reversible feather hair pin
I then embroider around the button holes and embroider the center seam. I find it does keep the blue jeans from fraying into the holes and side seam to keep them in tact.
bohemian reversible feather hair pin
The last step is fraying the edges and I take a straight pin to catch the end threads to pull them off to unravel the fabric.
This is the end result:
This is what the dark blue feather looks like. The color depends on the color of denim you choose for this project.

Denim Hair Accessory DIY

Denim Hair Tutorial DIY

Flip the feather over and you have a light feather to wear as a hair accessory.

Enjoy the project and be creative. I’d love to see how your project turns out so feel free to share it with me. Tag me: @gracehodgin on Instagram and if you follow me then I’ll be glad to follow you back.

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