Successful Veganism; Living Life Positively

Successful Veganism

What ever approach one takes to an eating style is a personal choice. It is not a mission to recruit, conquer, shame or capture others. I chose to be a vegan for my own reasons. I have no desire to convert because I believe in free will. Additionally, I have a problem with the vegans and carnivores always on attack and shoving it down others throats and brow beating others on choices contrary to theirs. If you choose to hunt for your food with a gun or bow then so be it. If you choose to be a vegetarian and eat dairy then so be it. If you choose to be a vegan then that is your choice BUT it is your choice not your right to inflict it on others.
I choose to inspire rather than conquer.
Sharing recipes is just one way I inspire others.
Vegan recipe ideas for the week

The Pros and Cons of Fixing Vegan Food

Is fixing vegan food time consuming?
Sometimes it is but so is preparing any meal for a family, even if you are thawing and serving frozen processed foods. Let us put something in focus. Only eating processed foods is detrimental to our health. It is time we embrace farm to table mindsets and nourish or bodies than satisfy hunger by convenience.
Choosing fast food places to eat three meals a day is causing our nation to be obese, unhealthy and I might add unhappy.
There is a plan that is right for you. Like others, I fell into the trap of shopping for processed vegan food at my local Walmart. In truth, that is just as bad as eating frozen foods on a nightly basis whether it has meat in it or not. I do not food prep all the time but when I need some food for meals for a busy week ahead then I devote some time for that.

Love Hate Relationship With My Stove

A ‘love and hate’ relationship with my oven is something I dealt with for a long time. Cooking was an ordeal and it made my back hurt. Actually, I got rid of my oven when we remodeled the kitchen. We live in a two-room cabin and space for important things are key. I moved a small apartment style washer in the oven spot and bought 2 double burners and an extra large convection oven that handles all my needs and its a snap to keep clean.

Successful veganism means not setting yourself up for failures.!

I have decided to share what we are eating and give you recipes that we love. Although it is nice to get weekly menu idea, it is also fun to explore cookbooks that can help you on your way to eating healthy. Cookbooks also help with meal planning. Vegan cookbooks are not scarce in this house so I have lots of those to share. Cooking from the same cookbook for a week is fun and builds my menu ideas. Falling in to the trap of serving the same thing over and over happens to all of us. Exploring recipes helps prevent that.

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