The Magic of Trees

there is an old deep magic in these woods which has seeped into my bones
becoming one with roots
that form the lines of
all that holds in this
stillness. Jon Nakapalau
Magic and songs of the forest

The two room cabin sits in the shade of the live oaks and pines on the outer edge of Ocala National Forest. They grow randomly on the property depending on nature to provide their care. New trees sprout up from the acorns and seeds they drop to continue their population.
Spanish Moss decorates the oaks’ tree tops while draping casually down; swaying gently in the breeze as they catch the wind while releasing it to travel onward.

Two twin oaks stand close together. They once shared the same acorn but now are divided by the growth over the years. Neglect and lack of appreciation of their beauty and service continues to cause decay and disarray. Daily they focus to summon a tree guardian they desperately need to survive because nature alone can not save them.

One day the trees notice activity on the property and the lights in the tiny cabin glow in the evening and beckon to the trees. In assurance of the light, the trees know tree guardians at last have found them. The next morning the guardians appear and begin to care for each tree on the property. Sensing the gravity of their need the twin oaks were given their full attention. Removing dead branches and invasive vines. It seemed life was breathed back into the trees as rich compost and irrigation invigorated their roots to replace their neglected past.

Magic of trees and guardians who love them

The Magic of Trees

On a quiet Spring morning the female tree guardian comes and sits between the two oaks to meditate while enjoying the space the trees create. In the stillness of the breeze amidst the conversation of the birds and squirrels, the trees hear an unspoken question created by only one thought conveyed by their guardian. “What are your names?” “Jerome and Janelle” they responded back in unison. For that is the custom amongst the trees. When a tree guardian saves their lives and loves them, they give back the gift of telling them their name. The bond is then complete as the friendship continues and through that friendship the Universe is strengthened.

It is never too late to be a tree guardian and the first lesson in becoming one is to find a tree and appreciate the beauty if provides the Universe.

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