Tofu Press: Simple DIY Home Project Under $10.00

Tofu Press Made Inexpensively At Home.

I often worry about using plates and a weight to squeeze out the water from my tofu. The art of balance is a tricky situation. First of all, a weight on a plate that balances beautifully for the moment does not always remain such when a cat resides in the house too.

Side note: There are actually a lot of disaster stories on the net about tofu balancing acts. A tofu press company awarded one of their presses to the fan that had the most disastrous stories. It appears that one does not need to own a cat for weights to shift and calamities to follow.

My husband and I went shopping to create a tofu press that would work better as a result of all my dooms day reading. The Dollar Tree carries plastic paddle handle cutting boards that are the perfect size. Our local hardware store carries the other supplies needed. Our new design is working well so I will share it with you so you can make your own.

how to make a tofu press with Dollar Tree Items

Project cost under $10.00

Let The Creativity Begin

tofu press suppies tofu press diy project
tofu press tutorial diy tofu press

Materials Needed:

  • Wing nuts: (4) quarter of an inch
  • Carriage bolts: (4) 4 1/2″ quarter of an inch
  • Nuts: (4) quarter of an inch
  • Plastic paddle cutting boards (2) *Dollar Tree has them
  • C clamps:(2)
  • Drill bit: quarter of an inch (1)
  • Drill
  • Circle form measuring appx. 3 inch in diameter We used the cardboard form from a roll of
    US packing tape.
  • Sharpie or magic marker
  • Make an X with from the corners of the cutting board to find the center.
    how to make a tofu press

    Using your circle template center your circle, draw around it. The holes to drain the tofu will be inside this circle.

    tofu press diy

    This is done only on only one of the cutting boards as it will be the bottom piece.

    Put the cutting boards together. I requested that I have a handle on each side to balance it over a draining container.
    DIY tofu press

    It is important to use the C clamps on each side to prevent movement as the holes are being drilled for the carriage bolts in the corners.

    My husband etched a mark on the top paddle handle so I would know which side was placed facing me so the press would always align.

    The Tofu press is complete and works like a charm.

    tofu being pressed in tofu press

    I have found that this press reduces my pressing time to 15 to 20 minutes and I do not even use a cloth around my tofu. Others feel it is necessary. So how do you press your tofu? Do you use paper towels or a cloth or just press it without any?

    tofu press completed
    A big thank you to my husband for making this possible.

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