Tolerance for other opinions


Tolerance will at least gain you understanding in any argument. I prefer to have intelligent conversations linked to facts. That does not always occur depending on the person. On this course to ‘Vegan Ville’ i have come up with some guide lines for myself. I don’t stray from them regardless of other opinions. Be Kind is my steadfast motto. That and tolerance will get you through any discussion whether it be politics, religion, life or my right to be a vegan and your right not to be one. We all wear different colored shoes without causing conflicts, although Nike seems to have frequent problems, so I just am stead fast to my rules I established when I became a vegan and they serve me well. I have a lot of thoughts about all different types of subjects so let me share them with you and we can both broaden our understandings.
The fact is that everyone has an opinion whether it is based on emotion, fact or biased media information. Regardless I like to be the type of person who can be open minded and listen to all views. At least I walk away with more insight even if no one sways the other to side of belief.
Tolerance of an individual’s thoughts is always a winning combination to any discussion with the end result of staying friends.
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