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Travel is something I enjoy. I like to take trips in my own state seeking treasures in my own back yard. I do take off to parts unknown as a team member of the dynamic duo of Second Season Travel.
Traveling and seeking out the history, which is the foundation of each city and state, is one of my favorite investigations as a travel writer. I love talking to locals and finding the back roads to places less traveled.
My children use to make fun of me for not taking the interstate but going the back roads instead. They reconsidered each time I would tell them wonderful stories of people and things I saw.

Traveling is a great way to learn about different culture and ideas instituted by other places. The people I meet always benefits my growth and appreciation in humanity. Each time I visit a new place I declare it my favorite. First of all, let me say that I do not consider that fickle as I feel one is not limited to having only one favorite place. Each of those places stay with me and becomes a part of valuable treasures in the memories I keep from those visits.
Travel is possible, whether or not you can afford to travel a long distance . Simply going to a new town nearby is an opportunity to travel. Treat it as an adventure and do not rush through it as if it is a destination. Sit, watch the people, explore the local bakeries and try a new dessert. Eat at a spaghetti dinner sponsored by a church. Strike up a conversation with a local and learn the history they provide. Expand your world through travel and you will be expanding the knowledge of what makes each place special.

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