Vegan 101 One Woman’s Journey To Vegan Ville

Vegan 101 is something I established for myself to getting me started on my new path to a vegan lifestyle. I thought it might be helpful for those also deciding to become vegan.

Vegan Lifestyle Is A Journey

I am one of those people who just wants to get there. I constantly have to remind myself that this is a journey. There are things to learn and new tastes and places to experience. After all it is those experiences that builds and enhances the path to the final destination.

Staying a pirate on my road to vegan ville


I love rules! Rules made me feel safe as a child. I knew if I followed them then I did not get in trouble. I also became a connoisseur of knowing how to break them as result to my love of rules. I’ve always considered myself a pirate so I’m navigating this new adventure with some set rules in place that other vegans may not follow or support me. I have to live the way I feel most comfortable.

Vegan 101 Guide

  • I will remain flexible!
  • I will always try and eat a vegan menu plan.

When that is not possible the following will occur:

  • I will eat vegetarian.
  • If I am at someone’s house then I will eat what is give me even if it is meat.

My decision is a result of being with too many people in public that made their life style choice everyone else’s problem. My friends know my feelings, “We knew we were vegan (vegetarians) when we came in and they did not.” I am not making anyone bend over backwards to suit my needs. Vegetable or fruit plates are available and we can always choose something we can eat.

Experience new things

I honestly believe that most of the solutions to life is a mind set. There have been things I do not like to eat but I do know that sometimes it is just adjusting my attitude. Somethings I have to acquire a taste for or just appreciating different things about it like the texture.

I find so much truth in these words.

I caught myself saying, “I can’t eat ______ anymore. I navigated my thinking to “let me see if I can find a flavorful substitute for that.” I find everyday my journey is finding new experiences and food on my path instead of reminiscing of favorite things that are no longer suitable for my lifestyle choice.

Vegan 101

Vegan 101 means starting where I am at and getting to where I want to be. When we decided to eat vegan after my husband’s heart attack I did not throw or give away my cheese and butter.

We used them upon occasion until they were gone. I know some decide upon a vegan lifestyle and completely convert but that was not feasible for our finances. Therefore we started by taking small steps until we got to the road of vegan ville and slowly added to our pantry.

We have always been nature lovers and a lot of people convert because of a consciousness towards the treatment of animals. I commend them but we choose this lifestyle because it was a healthy way to eat for my husband and extend his life.

I do understand why butter and cheese are not options for vegans. Cows and goats can only produce milk after delivering their babies. Many industries abuse this and disregard the life of the animals.

I will be completely honest with you and say that I do not see what the harm is in eating unfertilized eggs from back yard raised chickens. Chickens lay eggs regardless and I have not met very many nurturing chickens when I raised them. Maybe some day I will see the light but eggs are still an option for me. I may in time delete them from my vegan 101 guide for myself.

Grace Hodgin Vegan 101

So in conclusion those are the rules and vegan 101 guide I have set in place and will continue to ‘Stay Calm & Vegan On.

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