Vegan Boundaries: How Not To Maim Others In The Process.

Vegan Boundaries: What are yours?

Vegan boundaries are very important to me. If I keep my life style connected to my vegan boundaries then I am effective . Some I institute along the way and some are those that I keep from the beginning of my journey. My intention is to become more harmonious and not to start wars with mankind. Living my life in front of others rather than dictating theirs is a key point I maintain.

Vegan Boundaries I keep:

Free will is an important aspect in our country. Laws are in place to keep people free without destroying the rights of others. If I enjoy my free will of not eating meat then I need to remember the same free will applies to those that do eat meat. That does not mean I have to condone unfair and brutal practices of factory farming and the brutality that is going on in several companies today. I can use my constitutional right to protest, donate money to those that are in the forefront to change those practices.

compassionate ways to stay vegan

People’s Feelings Matter:

We are all at different stages than others. I respect that. I do not consider myself evolved over another just because I do not eat meat or dairy.
Two of my favorite stories I want to share next confirm this is the right way for me to live.

Story One: Pre-Vegan

Several of my friends are vegan and I was a vegetarian for many years. The subject of dairy products came up one day and I stated that I thought butter and cheese was a gift from the animal so I ate it. My vegan friends did not contradict me. I later learned that an animal has to get pregnant before producing milk for those products. Not really a gift after all, right? They let me have my thoughts, however, but continued to live their life in front of me.

vegan boundaries and keeping the peace

Story Two: Vegan with Compassion

An elderly gentleman is trying to sell his house so he can transition to an assisted living facility. I volunteer to clean his house and get it ready to sell. While cleaning, he announces he has made a snack for me. I come out to see a big serving of strawberry shortcake. I was hesitant to either eat it and be polite or to remind him I was a vegan. I chose to be polite, showing gratitude for the thoughtful offering.
Later he shares the following story confirming I did the right thing.
Several years ago his elementary daughter learns, on Friday, school dessert will be strawberry shortcake. That Friday after the main course her teacher tells her because she has not finished her vegetables so can not have dessert. When arriving home she cries as she tells her mom. Her mother goes to school and asks the teacher, “Do you pay for my daughter’s lunch?” The teacher responded with a ‘No” “Correct, I pay for my daughter’s lunch and for now on my daughter will be allowed to eat anything on the menu that is offered to her regardless if she eats everything or not.” That incident still was bothering him.

Story Conclusions

If my vegan friends decided to be critical of me that day then I would have probably not continued to socialize with them. But because they decided to let me grow at my own pace then they were an influence rather than an obstacle.
The elderly gentleman’s daughter was now a professional skier who broke her leg the night before. His nightly dreams kept going back to the time she did not get the school dessert. By giving me that favored dessert, it was then healing for him. Had I refused to eat it then it would have been disappointing and not helped him cope with yet another set back for his daughter.

Veganism is not a religion

My lifestyle will never replace my love for both mankind and animals. I am not going to sacrifice either for it. I know I hear criticism for my walk but it is my walk. I do not wear or buy animal products knowingly. I make my own rules and hopefully can be a bridge by living my life in front of those I meet in case someday they too decide to become vegan.
Those boundaries keep my world running smoothly and keeps me as an example of a kind and understanding individual who promotes the vegan lifestyle.

Being A Hateful Vegan Doesn’t Cut It.

I am really in shock at how some vegans attack others by judging how well they are doing on the crusade for animal well fare. The carnivores fare no better with their judgmental attitudes. Violence to adopt change is not the answer I seek. Things are never just black and white. Establishing your vegan boundaries are an important beginning. Choosing to be the vegan like the ones who were most effective in showing me the path to a vegan lifestyle is right for me.

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