Vegan Butter Recipe

Vegan butter recipes are numerous and I have tried a few. I don’t feel the need to create my own. Nor do I feel a need to tweak this one. This vegan butter recipe comes out perfect each time I make it and for that I am grateful. I don’t need epic fails with my butter because I like the stuff too much. I make mine with my nutra bullet. The result is always a velvety texture and I love it melted over popcorn, veggies and bread, just to name a few.

I bought nut butter before finding this recipe. I like making my own food. It is easy to get in a comfort zone and before I know it I am buying packaged vegan food with preservatives in that or the ingredients are as bad as non vegan junk food. Since being healthier was one of the motivating factors to being vegan I try and stay true to it even if it takes more time.
recipe for vegan butter
I double this this recipe and put it in four pint jars and store in my refrigerator. I gifted one to my teenage vegan granddaughter and she loves it too.
The ingredients are readily available and simple to find. Travel over to the site and print off the recipe. I already had a lot of these ingredients in my pantry already except for the refined coconut oil.

Ingredients you will need for the vegan butter:

    refined coconut oil
    almond flour

unsweetened non-dairy milk

    nutritional yeast
    apple cider vinegar
    ground turmeric
    light olive oil

Another thing I like about this recipe is that it does not take a large quantity of the ingredients used so you can make it several times before needing to replenish the ingredients.
I like that this recipe calls for nutritional yeast because that ingredient has a lot of health benefits.

If you are looking for a great vegan cookbook featuring comfort food then I have a review here.

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