Vegan Comfort Cooking: 75 Plant Based Food Recipes.

Vegan Comfort Cooking Cookbook

Vegan Comfort Cooking is a book I use a lot in my kitchen. It was a birthday gift from my best friend and sock soul sister, Barb Webb. I think a good cookbook is one that you continue exploring and testing out each recipes in your own kitchen.
My standard practice when receiving a cook book is to read it all the way through. I get a good take on the author and understand the resources in the book that I can use.

Vegan Comfort Cooking

Melanie McDonald

I love the introduction in Melanie McDonald’s cookbook, Vegan Comfort Cooking Her journey to being a vegan began at a farm show and her ambassador towards that journey was a friendly cow slated for slaughter after the show. Listening how others decided to be vegan is a fun past time for me. Melanie has a blog that is a fun site to explore and grab some fun, unique vegan recipes. It is a great palate showing all the colorful, rich and soul warming recipes this artist has to offer. I will be spending more time in my kitchen after spending some time on her site.

Cookbook Review

75 plant based recipes are in this book accompanied with lovely photos of the recipes after completion. The book’s content is broken down into lovely categories such as, The Munchies, Bits & Bobs, Indulge Yourself, just to name a few.
If you are like me then sometimes breakfast, lunch, and supper doesn’t always capture what you are yearning for when the hunger attacks. I much prefer the categories she chooses.

Feeding the Critics

No recipe is a disappointment. More importantly, I do not feel the need to tweak any either. They are lovely just the way they are written. My husband is a fan and most importantly guests who consider themselves great cooks leave compliments when their plates are empty. These recipes are even winning over some carnivore friends.
SWEET AND SMOKY GLAZED “MEATLOAF” is probably the recipe I fix the most. Which brings us to another reason why I love this book!

Comfort Food Without Bizarre Ingredients

I love a recipe I can find the ingredients at my own grocery store. I recognize them instantly when reading the ingredients and so will any non vegan. Most of all I love this book because of the comfort food tucked into the pages. Starting any new eating regime we all miss those favorite comfort foods from our past. This book has those types of food such as the “meatloaf”, Sheperdless Pie, Mom’s Spagehetti and “Meatballs” to name a few.
Vegan comfort food

Great Cookbook

First time vegans or those that have been on the journey for a while will enjoy this cookbook. It is versatile and the servings from the recipes range from 2-4 and some serve 10. I have had no problem in doubling the recipes when needed to take them to family gathers or entertaining at home. They also taste great as left overs which is an added plus for those working and need a lunch for the next day or to reheat for another meal.

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