Vegan Ingredients: Learn their benefits and vitamin contents.

Vegan Ingredients: Discover and Explore

Learning about vegan ingredients begins in the kitchen. Vegan ingredients are a great source for vitamins and aids to improve health. My cooking skills have advanced since I have not blindly added ingredients but tasted them first and did some research. Learning what they are and the benefits or non benefits is key to health and creativity in the kitchen. Many a new recipe is coming out of my kitchen because of my ‘what if I add’ thoughts because I new the vitamins they possess and the taste they offer.

learning about vitamins and health benefits

Finding Great Cookbooks

Vegan recipes, it is not just for vegans.

Let me clear up one myth before starting to tell you about cookbooks. Vegan recipes are not just for vegans.
They are healthy choices! It is also not more expensive to fix vegan food. I save money by preparing my own vegan foods and my food bill is reduced 50%.
I was fortunate to review books for Robert Rose Publishers. Turning vegan after my husband’s heart attack, that company literally was my salvation to keeping my sanity. Their vegan cookbooks can help any new vegan from confusion and fear of the unknown. I have my favorite authors but they have a vast variety to choose from. To learn the basics I recommend Vegan Cook’s Bible by Pat Crocker. This is a great guide and even tells you how to choose ripe fruit and veggies. It has recipes and great educational references to fall back to when in doubt.
Desserts are a no brainer when using Aquafabulous! No one believes it is vegan when I take desserts from this book to family gatherings.
If you are a working woman or man and have some time in the kitchen to prepare your meals a head of time then I think you would enjoy learning to meal prep with Robin Asbell. She gets you started with a 5 week plan with 125 recipes.
Thinking you have to kiss that comfort food goodbye? Vegan Comfort Cooking will satisfy any hankering. Check out this cookbook and I use this one a lot.
My granddaughter decided to eat vegan and this is a great book I bought her after receiving my copy for review. She is in college now and these budget friendly recipes are great for her.

Vegan Ingredients

I decided to start listing the vegan ingredients that I have been learning about and list their pros and cons. The more I know the better I am at balancing meals. It also helps me when creating my own recipes because I know the flavor they are going to add. I am a more creative cook now that I am a vegan. I use to become stagnated by fixing the same types of food, even as a vegan for 20 years! Everything now seems to be a blank canvas. Such as okara for example. Okara is soy pulp or tofu dregs and basically alone is very bland. Add a mixture of spices it can be reminiscent of fish, chicken or what ever spice you use with it. So one basic base can become so many different dishes. It is also a powerhouse for nutrition. It is a good source for protein, calcium and also has soluble and non-soluble fiber. Making my own tofu it is just one more way I save money by saving the okara for other meals.
I learned all the values of this product by researching and if I were not a vegan then I can safely say I would have never tried it.
Protein is not a problem even for vegans and a lot of vegan ingredients contain protein. According to livekindly one calorie out of “..every 10 we consume needs to come from protein..”
I maintain a weight of 115 pounds easily for my 5’5 height and I credit it to my vegan diet and researching what needs to go into them. My husband’s check up 6 months after his heart attack was significantly improved and the doctor did credit it to his new eating plan.

Retailers Carrying Vegan Ingredients and Products

Vegan ingredients are not hard to find and with the popularity of plant based foods they are now showing up in local grocery stores at an affordable price. Pre-made food is now also available but use caution and read the ingredients list. Some are just as bad as eating junk food. Discretion is key in my grocery shopping. It is fun to get some food that is easy to pop into the oven and serve but I know the ingredients so I don’t over load our diet with preservatives and too much protein or soy. Our Walmart has a great selection of vegan products and I also like shopping online with VitaCost to fill my pantry with nutritional products.

Becoming vegans has really benefited both my husband and myself. We have grown more aware of the cruelty to animals that exists and is currently filling our grocery stores with meat products. We are a lot smarter in what we put in our bodies and have healthier balanced meals because of it. Researching vegan ingredients and learning about their benefits and flavors is increasing our knowledge and pallets. I may have one time feared saying “I can’t eat that” but find we now longer miss foods we gave up. It is incredible how much we have grown since November of 2018. With all the options we have for meals and our improved health along with our awareness towards meat producers it is safe to say that we will never go back but keep traveling on this journey in Veganville.

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