Vegan Lifestyle: Growing Healthy While Growing Wise

Vegan Lifestyle: Six Month Mile Marker

After 6 months of being vegan, Will we continue?
Our Vegan Lifestyle is now at the six month mark and we are doing great. Our health is improving. The most fun improvement has been how my creativity is soaring and all the vegan dishes I have been making and creating.

Rohn and Grace Vegan Life
A new notch on our vegan life and a closer relationship

There is no turning back now because we are loving our lives and guess what? I do not miss butter or cheese. So it is possible to live without that stuff without feeling deprived. We feel better about our part in not using animal based food. More importantly our relationship has improved and we are growing even closer.

Our vegan lifestyle is a chosen path. I have lots of friends that eat meat and that is their choice with no condemnation for me. They, in turn, do not feel threatened by my choice of not eating meat. Being a vegan is a choice that people need to make on their own in their own time. Never by being coerced or condemned. I know I would have never become vegan under those circumstances. I choose to be the vegan I wish I had met before I was a vegan myself.

Great vegan food we have eaten
Look at all the great dishes I have been writing recipes for to share on the blog!

So we have established our boundaries and come up with our guide lines:

We Never Throw the Vegan Card.

We order from regular menus and can usually find something we can eat to stay true to our vegan menu plan.

My pet peeve is hearing someone announce they are vegans so what do they have that they can eat. Becoming a vegan was our decision so does not need to be someone else’s problem. We substitute or omit non vegan things from the menu dish we select.

We do eat vegan but we decided if we can not eat vegan then we will opt for vegetarian if no other food is available. Most of our friends know we are vegans but we still do not require them to prepare food for us. We take our favorite dishes to share with them and eat the side dishes of vegetables that they provide. I prefer not to buy meat and serve it to them so it seems fair not to require them fixing a strange vegan recipe for us.

Remaining Balanced

Pond life and reducing our water footprint for the world
No matter how much we believe in animal welfare or how the reduction of the meat for food would help our planet there will always be people who do not consider it valid enough to stop eating meat.

We remember a time where we would have not been fully committed to eliminating meat and dairy from our lives too. We remain steadfast in our ways but even if we do not agree with the consumption of meat, we certainly do understand the other ways of thought nor ostracize anyone for it.

What we believe is important to us and we certainly do not want to get into confrontations over it.
We choose to show the same respect to those with views contrary to ours.

What We Do Believe To Be True Through Statistics Published.

We believe the reduction of meat and dairy production would aid in the overall water footprint we see rising every year.

  1. Because we chose to go vegan each of us are saving over 219,000 gallons a year. That is a conservative number. Feeding livestock takes up too much water that we do not have and people eat more meat than necessary.
  2. Eating meat is a handed down tradition that is no longer healthy or necessary and even if a person elects to eat a meat less meal one day a week then that will help.
  3. The consumption demand of meat has caused harsh conditions for animals and cruel practices that are unforgivable.

As we grow healthier we are also growing wiser because of our vegan lifestyle. We are more aware of how to correct the problems our world faces through greenhouse effect and water shortage on an individual basis and share our knowledge in intelligent conversations with those around us.

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