Vegan Meal Prepping Guide: Tips and Techniques For Success

Meal prepping is gaining popularity!
Vegan Meal Prep Guide
In today’s busy world lots of people are asking these questions:

  • How Do I Begin?
  • Will meal prepping really make my life easier?
  • Does meal prepping take a lot of skill or expensive tools?
  • Where do I get recipes and know how much to buy when shopping?
  • How to vegan meal prep

    Committing to a routine that will work for you is probably the hardest task at hand to meal prepping. If you have been considering learning about meal prepping then your life just got a lot easier because there is a great new book for sale that will answer all the above questions.

    VEGAN MEAL PREPA 5 WEEK PLAN WITH 125 READY-TO-GO RECIPES by Robin Asbell will also give you a clear guide to being successful with tips and techniques from a an author, educator and natural food chef.

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    My copy of this book was gifted to me so I could read, use it and share my opinion in regards if I felt this would be a valuable cook book and guide for my vegan readers.

    There are 3 Main Sections in this book.

    Learning What You Need to Know to Be Successful

  • This section is helpful with answering questions about vegan meal prep, nutritional basics and what to look for and avoid when vegan shopping.
  • Meal Prep 101

  • Getting you ready for meal prep with some ideas on organizing your time and shopping trip are discussed in this section
    A detailed shopping list prepares you for weekly prep plans to make meals. Also the menus are printed here so you can see the food you will be preparing for the next 5 weeks.
  • 125 Vegan Recipes

  • Recipes for vegan staples, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, salads, dressings/sides, desserts and snacks are all listed in this section.
  • I like the information this book gives and if someone is new to prepping the information is all here.
    If your not new to prepping then I still find it a valuable book. Tips given about the best containers and sizes to use are very informative. The recipes are unique and I got excited about a lot of them before and after fixing and will continue to use them in my families meals.

    I absolutely love that this book has a vegan nutrition basics. Recommended daily allowances for protein with a great tip on how to do the math and find out how much protein you need for your body weight per day is a great tool. I also learned information about Omega-3 Fatty Acids, various other vitamins along with tips on replacing calcium.

    This book (This is not an affiliate link) is available on Amazon for $15.54 new when this review was written.

    You can learn more about Robin Asbell on her website, as well as, start trying some of her recipes printed on her blog.

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