Vegan Menu Planning : Delicious Comfort Food @Walmart

Vegan Menu Planning to Reduce the Kitchen Work Load

Vegan menu planning was challenging at first for me. I was spending a lot of my time cooking from scratch. It was time consuming and at first I was creating a lot of recipes that needed to be made first to go into the main entree. Case in point, I had to make Italian Tofu and home made tomato sauce so I could make Spinach Dumplings.
The recipes were new to us as well so it was a lot of hours in the kitchen with fingers crossed that we would like the end results.

Making menus in detail

I am a cook by inspiration. Often times I have no clue what I would cook and then something would come to me so I’d whip it up and voila, “Supper Is Served!”
Early in my vegan transition I lost this as I was not that familiar with the recipes I was cooking. I knew I needed to adjust and continue on.

  1. I began going through cookbooks and meal planning.
  2. Assign a menu to a day, according to my schedule.
  3. Write the menu and also reference the cookbook and page it was in.
  4. Made my grocery list and shopped for those items.
  5. Vegan life was becoming easier and more familiar. My recipes from scratch yielded enough for left overs so we could eat them another day in the week without me cooking.

Comfort Food

I missed foods that could be cooked quickly and my husband was missing his comfort food. Some busy days I did not want to come home to cook or serve left overs.
I began looking around local stores to find vegan food. Comfort food needed to be added to my vegan menu planning.
To my surprise Walmart came through for me.

Comfort Vegan food at Walmart

I shopped on line by entering Vegan in the search bar and choose the items I wanted.

  1. I scheduled my pick up the time and day I would be in town.
  2. They emailed when my groceries were ready.
  3. I checked in with the Walmart App which gave them my location and time of arrival.
  4. I parked in the designated area for grocery pick up.
  5. In less than 5 minutes an employee brought out my groceries and loaded them in the car.
  6. Success in finding Vegan Comfort Food.
    We tried the vegan sausage the first night.
    vegan menu planning

    We love it and I have already returned to shop for more. Not one item purchased was a disappointment.

    Walmart is my new best friend and I am grateful for the foods they have in stock for vegan eating. I am hoping as more turn to this eating lifestyle that more products will be added in their vegan section. Are you searching for quick comfort food to add to your vegan menu planning? Check out your local Walmart

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Menu Planning : Delicious Comfort Food @Walmart

  1. It is an amazing feature and I have fallen in love with it and it is now my way to shop. Our very favorite is the Vegan Sausages.

  2. How fantastic that you were able to find all the foods you love and it was so convenient. I didnt know this service was avaI’m able until I read your post.

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